Which cosmetic procedures has Priscilla Presley had?

Priscilla Presley plastic surgeryPriscilla Ann Presley – maiden name Wagner – Is an American actress and entrepreneur. She is best known as Priscilla Presley, as she became most famous for being the wife of Elvis Presley for six years, with whom she had a daughter, Lisa-Marie. Presley is responsible for the success of Graceland as a tourist attraction and she is also famous for her role in the hit TV show Dallas. Priscilla is now 69 years old and is currently single for over a year.

At 69 years old, it’s no wonder that Priscilla’s smooth skin and appearance raise eyebrows and give way to several cosmetic procedure rumors. Two changes that are absolutely obvious are the size and fullness of her cheeks, indicating she’s had cheek implants, and her lips, which have most likely been injected with collagen or fillers. At one point, the swelling in her cheeks was such, she almost could not smile, which was a sure giveaway that she had had something done there.

Although her appearance has certainly settled in the most recent years since her most unfortunate experiences with the surgeon’s knife, namely that performed by an unauthorized plastic surgeon who injected her and many other victims with industrial silicone, no less, and was later convicted, the consensus is still that Elvis Presley’s only wife has failed in the art of aging gracefully, and looks just as much like a plastic version of herself as she did 10 years ago when the scandal blew up.

Priscilla Presley before and after plastic surgery

Although her plastic surgery journey is no secret, and she has commented herself, on the unfortunate incident with the ‘shady doctor’, saying she regretted the experience, there is some speculation about what she had done or not. That she’s had Botox, collagen and fillers injected is a given, as her skin looks remarkably smooth for her age, almost unnaturally so. Is it also likely that she has had a facelift, with a professional telling as much to a gossip website, pointing out how ‘waxy’ and ‘pale’ the former Dancing with the Stars contestant’s complexion looks.

There is also speculation that Priscilla Presley might have had a brow lift. However, and even if her face hasn’t gone back to being symmetrical after her surgery ‘bust’, it doesn’t seem likely as her features, namely the eye area, don’t seem to have changed. In any case, this is far from being a consensual Priscilla Presley plastic surgery rumor.

What is consensual about Priscilla’s plastic surgery journey, however, is that this is an unfortunate example of what can happen to those who go ‘under the knife’ to enhance their looks, especially if they do not choose the right professional. The public, and moreover the media, are also especially hard on Priscilla both because of her fame, her age and her fortune, stating that she should have known better. It is also a consensus that she possessed a natural beauty that would have allowed her to age gracefully, which further justifies looking before and after pictures the claims that she made an unfortunate choice by opting for plastic surgery, especially given that her story could have ended tragically wrong, and did not only because of the help of serious and certified cosmetic surgery professionals.