What you need to know about Hair Replacement

Plastic surgery is the best way to boost your appearance. Hair transplant is particularly critical for people who have lost their hair or hair does not grow fast. The process is considered so critical because it is long-term and often redefines many people’s outlook, confidence and lifestyles. If you are thinking of going for hair replacement, here are important facts that you need to know.

 Important facts about Hair Replacement

Hair Replacement is done by a qualified physician under anesthesia. The area with hair loss is carefully cleaned and regions with normal hair growth numbed using a sewn scalp. The hair will be introduced to continue growing in the area that has lost hair. Depending on the type of hair from the donor region, the plastic surgeon expert can be able to tell you what to expect after the procedure.

 Small tiny incisions are made in the recipient area and sourced hair carefully placed in the entire section. The number of incisions made ranges from several hundreds to thousands depending on the amount of hair you had lost. Success in this procedure is usually very high. The process takes about six to eight hours and can at times go beyond that depending on the nature of hair you want to cover the head. Once the procedure is completed, you can expect to see the results in four to six months.

 Cost of Hair Replacement

The cost of hair replacement has remained within the same range for sometime. Many expensive clinics charge a range of US $ 15000 to US $ 25000. Less costly ones will charge between US $ 4,000 to US $ 15,000. The cost is also dependent on the size of the region that requires hair replacement. Though the cost is an important factor as you select the clinic and cosmetic surgeon to use, it is strongly advisable that you also rely on success rates.

 Famous celebrities and their appearances

Many celebrities in the media, Hollywood and other areas who enjoy wide audience have undergone hair replacement. The process gives them a special appearance and more importantly confidence in doing their work. You cannot go wrong with hair replacements.

Sourav Ganguly underwent hair replacement after he started developing a noticeable bald. Before and after hair transfer photos show the bald covered by an evenly thick hair that many cannot even notice. Aditya Pancholi indicates he turned to hair transfer after getting tired to use wigs. The results were phenomenal as his continued weight loss and a lot of hair has made him get a suave he has never had before.

The most remarkable hair replacement is perhaps that of David Beckham. The former Manchester United and Real Madrid footballer is one of the most sought after fashion icon. Hair transfer has resulted to added volumes in his head to give him the current hair cornrows, buzz and faux-hawk hair cuts. Others who have undergone similar replacements include Shane Warne, Govinda and Gordon Ramsay. Their before and after hair replacement photos reveal complete transformation. Make sure to work with the plastic surgeon to establish the look you would ultimately get after the procedure.

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