Vanna White Plastic Surgery – Fact or Fiction?

Vanna White

Many of us have at one point or the other watched the breath taking Vanna White in action. She has for a number of years been in the lime light co-hosting the “Wheel of Fortune” a TV game show that is aired regularly. However, if you take closer look at some of her pictures back in the day and compare to the way she looks currently, it seems as though the 57 year old TV personality has found the much coveted fountain of youth, or at the very least a surgeon who is good with the knife, working it to create a master piece. There are lots of rumors pertaining to whether or not Vanna White plastic surgery is a fact or fiction. However, the gorgeous vixen swears contrary to the rumors. As such, let us have a quick look at some of her before and after photos and make a conclusion based on these.

So which procedures are these exactly that Vanna has had? For she, unlike many women in her age bracket looks undeniably ravishing and youthful by the day. The media speculations think that it is a result of Botox, facelift and filler injections.

Fillers and Botox

Fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes are inevitable to many women especially those who are over 35 years. However, Vanna seems to have broken the norm and has no signs of ageing despite her age. And this is just not about yielding good genes. As women age their skin lose elasticity resulting in worry lines as well as crow’s feet. However, Botox and fillers tend to get rid of these ageing signs. Given the level of smoothness that Vanna has on her entire face, there is no doubt that she has had fillers and Botox injections to enhance her appearance.

Vanna White Before And After Plastic Surgery


Facelifts are very tricky. They either go very right or horribly wrong. For the case of Ms. White however, not only did it keep her from looking old but also enhanced her beauty. It was done so well that it was almost undetectable. It worked so well that her current photo and that taken back in the year 1986 show no difference at all, that is how good it is. She appears as though she has not aged at all. Even her neck still looks supple and youthful – something that is impossible for a lady nearing her 60’s.

Rhinoplasty (Nose job)

There are also some celebrity plastic surgery gossips that claim she has had her nose done. However, even after poring into many photos of her back in the day until today, and consulting many experts in the field, there is just no evidence that she has had this kind of surgery done. Her nose does not show any change over the years at least not any drastic changes that may point to her having rhinoplasty done.

Vanna has indeed remained and retained her beauty long after many women tend to and are able to. While there are those that argue that she has natural beauty that are boosted by good anti-aging genes, we tend to think that Ms. Vanna has at her disposal a very good plastic surgeon