Tina Knowles Before and After Photos Showing Presence of Plastic Sugery

Tina KnowlesTina Knowles known by her official name Celestine Ann Beyince was born on the 4th of January, 1954 in Louisiana, United States. The 60 year old lady is a mum to two children; Beyoncé Knowles and Solange Knowles. She is a business woman as well as a popular fashion designer. In 2011, she was divorced to Mathew Knowles the father of her children and is dating the actor Richard Lawson. Tina Knowles has performed several plastic surgeries to enhance her looks. This article tends to focus on Tina Knowles plastic surgery.

In the position she is as far as the media personality is concerned, Tina Knowles has a lot of pressure to look amazingly appealing. Being a mum to the famous pop star Beyoncé, she has to ensure that she looks her very best at all time so as not to disappoint her fans. If there is something that celebrities cannot hide is the presence of a plastic surgery performed on them. Tina Knowles like almost all celebrities has undergone plastic surgery according to her before and after photos. Sources have it that Tina Knowles plastic surgery cost up to $300,000.

The plastic surgeries include tummy tuck, nose job, Botox, liposuction and full face lift. Tina Knowles’ before and after pictures show that her nose is narrower than before. Her face is not matching her 60 years of age. This is because she does not have wrinkles, sagging cheeks and so on. Her cheeks appear lifted and toned. The wrinkles on her forehead also disappeared. Her wrinkle free face, is attributed to anti-aging procedures such as face lift and Botox.

Tina Knowles Before And After Plastic Surgery

Her after photos are amazing. She is an envy of many moms across the world. She looks younger and refreshed. Signs of old age are not evident on her face. Her self-esteem and confidence on the cameras was increased. Her nose job has made her look even prettier. After her surgeries, she is now one of the best looking mommies. This increased her self-esteem and made her recover quickly from her divorce. Of course some people say that her reason for a plastic surgery is lame. Others just say they love her new looks and it is good that she had the surgery done to her.

Tina Knowles plastic surgery is said to be attributed by Beyoncé, her daughter. Beyoncé did not deny these facts. She said her mum needed to spice her life and transform her appearance for the greater good. Beyoncé added that she was willing to do anything to lighten up her mom after the painful divorce. As opposed to other celebrities, Tina Knowles does not deny going under the knife.

No woman likes aging gracefully especially if she is a celebrity. Tina Knowles is a mum to the famous pop star Beyoncé who is married to the famous hip hop rapper Jay Z. Tina Knowles plastic surgery was not among the plastic surgeries gone wrong. She definitely went to a very professional plastic surgeon to bring out the amazing work. The plastic surgery is so good that people are saying Tina Knowles and her daughter Beyoncé look like sisters. Tina’s new looks and appearance has definitely left Mathew Knowles, her ex-husband, regretting the divorce.