The Rise And Fall Of Kenny Rogers Through Plastic Surgery

Kenny RogersKenny Rogers is an American country music singer who is well known for his unique strong vocals. Born on August 21st 1938, Kenny Rogers has also been involved in acting and songwriting. Apart from being a record producer, he is also an author and a renowned photographer. He has topped different charts in the USA and has sold a significant amount of records in the entire world. The gambler is considered as one of the most successful country music albums of all times. This makes him one of the most successful musicians today as he features in the list of the highest selling artists in the world. To date, Kenny remains one of the oldest musicians in the world who are still alive.

Kenny Rogers has also been involved in a lot of plastic surgery activities. If you are one of his fans, then you know about the facelift surgery that the musician underwent. The singer has admitted that he actually went through plastic surgery and that the procedure did not go well as he had expected. The first Kenny Rogers plastic surgery was done in 1990s but it ended up producing undesired results. At this time, Kenny was in his 50s and he probably wanted to look younger like his wife. This was perceived as one of the reasons why the musician wanted the procedure desperately. After the procedure, he emerged with a tighter face and it appeared stretched.

Nonetheless, after the procedure was done, time has elapsed and his skin is slowly becoming normal. Kenny Rogers plastic surgery is considered as one of the most unsuccessful in the US music industry. A keen observation of the musicians face and skin reveals that he has aged over time. His appearance is no longer the same.

Kenny Rogers facelift plasdtic surgery disaster

Nowadays, the trend has changed and plastic surgery is no longer perceived as a woman thing. There are many male celebrities that are facing the knife in order to change their appearance. The change on Kenny Rogers’ face clearly indicates that they are not natural but have occurred as a result of a face lift. His failed surgery was perhaps because it was conducted when the procedure was not advanced as it is today. The Musician chose facelift because he wanted to look younger like his wife of 20s. This is a situation that pressured him to get younger looks but he was later disappointed because the results of the facelift were discouraging to him. Even though after the procedure the wrinkles were reduced, his skin changed and became too tight giving him an unattractive look.

Presently, Rogers looks better even though age is catching up with him. His face has turned out to be natural and the effects of the plastic surgery are slowly wearing off. It has been revealed that the musician has not undergone any other surgery procedure since then. It seems the country musician has finally decided to age peacefully and this is evident if you compare his past photos and the present ones.