The Gossip About Priyanka Chopra Plastic Surgery

Priyanka Chopra plastic surgerySeveral celebrities are currently going under the knife in the name of plastic surgery to enhance the beauty and appearance. Many women celebrities especially in the film industries are obsessed with appearance and therefore give it more attention. The issue of cosmetic surgery started among celebrities in the Hollywood and Korean movies, but it has now gone further to Bollywood. In the film industry, beauty and looks play an important role and therefore many Bollywood celebrity actresses are now undergoing cosmetic surgery and the result never disappoints. One such actress is Priyanka Chopra.

Priyanka Chopra is a renowned Bollywood actress and former Miss World winner back in 2000. Since the prestigious award, she has come into the public limelight featuring in various Indian movies. In the last couple of years, she has seemed to change her appearance making her look even more beautiful. This has caused uproars in the public and media, with accusing fingers pointing to the possibility of being a product of plastic surgery. Although Priyanka is naturally beautiful and does not seemingly need a plastic surgery to enhance her beauty, there are several changes in her face and body which clearly point to cosmetic surgery. The actress has constantly denied the gossip, claiming that is her real and natural look. She once revealed that she had not mastered how to apply make-up and therefore her change of appearance is basically a result of the make-up skills she has gained.

This has not deterred her fans, the media and public from spreading the plastic surgery rumors. Looking at her before and after pictures, it is evident that she has had two major changes to her beautiful face however much she denies – her lips and nose. These two point to the possibility of Priyanka having undergone a lip augmentation and nose job done. The most evident change that everyone can see is the nose which has been defined pretty well. Her nose is now enhanced and sharper as compared to the blunt one in the before pictures. This clearly shows she had a soft nose job done, which might be difficult to notice. Another change points to lip augmentation, where the lip corners compare differently in her before and after pictures. Some rumors also say that the actress had cosmetic surgery in other body parts like breast augmentation, though this one is not very clear.

Priyanka Chopra transformations

The mass and social media internet is full with fans claiming the pretty actress has actually undergone plastic surgery. Nothing can be hidden from her current looks and the rumors will certainly continue rising among her fans and the media. Priyanka Chopra had personally confessed during an interview that she is not against plastic surgery. However, she claimed she currently has no need to enhance her appearance because naturally, she is pretty and beautiful. She went on to say she may consider the procedure in future if it will help her boost her self-esteem rather than for obsession. Whether Priyanka has gone under the knife or not, one thing is clear – she has become more gorgeous and beautiful compared with the old days when she won the Miss World. She is undoubtedly one of the prettiest and gorgeous actresses in Bollywood and in the film industry.


  • stupid priyanka.she is very ugly

  • have u ever heard about (Power of make up) ? not every single beautiful girl went under knife, and everyone who has change went under knife, when dont know how to apply RIGHT make-up and then learned and yes make-up can totally change u!