The controversy surrounding Marie Osmond plastic surgery

Marie Osmond nose job plastic surgeryWhen it comes to music, Marie Osmond has curved a notable niche as one of the old time musicians with a solid successful background. Born Olive Marie Osmond in 1959, the singer has been on the frontline in releasing amazing country and pop songs. Apart from being a singer, Marie Osmond is also an actress and a screenwriter. Her success in the 1970s and 80s made her famous in the USA and the entire world. Her music career has also received its share of controversy after the singer underwent different plastic surgery procedures to change her looks.

Marie Osmond is considered an icon of style, beauty and fashion desired by many women. She has been rumored to have undergone plastic surgery such as nose job and possibly lips and Botox injection. This has made her become increasingly beautiful since becoming one of the oldest musicians who are still beautiful today.

Comparing her before and after photos during her days in college and her current photos, there seems to be quite a big difference in her nose. Her previous photos indicate she has a wider nose with a bigger nose tip but in her current photos, her nose seems to be prettier. This has led to speculations that she had a nose job. Currently, she has a straight nose with cute and rounded tip that is perfectly proportional to her face. This has made her more popular to an extent that most girls who want a nose job prefer the shape of her nose.

Marie Osmond before and after

Some people however tend to disagree with Marie Osmond plastic surgery rumors. Some believe that it is makeup artist since she always does her own makeup as she did during her wedding. Some have considered her makeup art talent to be the reason behind her nose looking different before and now. However, some of her admirers still believe she had a nose job done. Other than the nose job, she is also rumored to have Botox, lip implants and fillers. Her hair is also rumored to have extensions.

Despite the truth and the lies behind her nose, Marie Osmond nose has become very popular. It has been reported in different cities that young women flock plastic surgeons’ offices in order to get Marie’s nose. Different articles have and media reports have referred to her nose as perky, adorable and feminine. Her nose is very popular among patients who are seeking natural beauty and look since Marie’s nose is regarded as neither too small nor too big thus it suits a wide range of faces.

Even though Marie Osmond’s nose looks natural and perfectly proportional to her face, it is difficult to tell whether she had a nose job or not. There are numerous past photos of her as well as recent photos that make different people to suggest and believe that she had a nose surgery. This however, has not stopped her nose and beauty from being admired by numerous people around the world. To date, she remains one of the most beautiful musicians because of plastic surgery.