Susan Sarandon Admits To Plastic Surgery

Susan Sarandon

Susan Abigail Sarandon is a popular American actress born on the 4th of October, 1946 in Jackson Heights, New York, USA. The 68 year old is a mother of 3 children and has had a lot of fame and recognition in the film industry. She has won several awards and had more than a few nominations in her period in Hollywood. As a celebrity or somebody always in front of cameras, she has to ensure that she is appealing at all times. Hollywood is all about the best appearances win the fame and recognition. This forces a lot of celebrities to enhance their appearances so as not to be left behind. This article focuses on Susan Sarandon plastic surgery.

A lot of celebrities rarely accept to undertaking plastic surgery despite the fact that before and after photos show it. Susan Sarandon has been rumored to undertake several body enhancements during her period of fame. Susan Sarandon is one of the various celebrities that have accepted to going under the knife. The famous actress told press that she has recently gone through various plastic surgeries so as to enhance her body appearance. She added that she is into plastic surgery. Susan Sarandon also said that her plastic surgeries were not over yet as she had more projects ahead.

Susan Sarandon plastic surgery include liposuction and breast implants. She openly admitted to having liposuction done under her eyes as well as her chin. Susan Sarandon however said she has a phobia to filler injections. This therefore means that she will not have Botox done to her. She added that her facial appearance is due to her make-up artist and healthy living. It is evident that a lot of people still do not believe in this. Susan Sarandon admitted to the media that she has had breast augmentation done on her. Her new bra size is a 36D. Her new breasts have a firm, bigger and better shape as compared to her before photos.

Susan Sarandon Before And After Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation

Susan Sarandon plastic surgery definitely worked out for her. This is because she now looks amazing. She also said that she is happy with her plastic surgery as she now looks better than before. Susan Sarandon fans as well agree to the fact that she now looks stunning. Not many celebrities retain beauty until their 60s. She has not received any criticism as far as her new appearances are concerned. Susan Sarandon has said that every lady has a right to enhance their appearances to suit them. However, they should not lose their identity in the process.

Susan Sarandon plastic surgery is actually one of the few surgeries gone well. Her surgeon definitely performed marvelously to give out a sexy and elegant look for a 68 year old lady. Susan’s surgery did not go overboard as it happens for some celebrities. It was done in the right amount. Susan Sarandon said that one should ensure that they proceed with moderation when it came to plastic surgery as it can be addictive. As much as we try to criticize on Susan Sarandon plastic surgery, we cannot help it but love her new looks.