Why SNSD Girls Deny Obvious Plastic Surgeries?

SNSDSNSD, the South Korean KPOP girl group has had an immense share of the lime light owing to its huge success in both the Korean and Japanese music scenes. However, with such success comes the unquestionable media attention. This is probably why all nine members of SNSD are rumored to have been under the surgeon’s knife. Not one of the girls has failed to attract sharp criticism for plastic surgery induced facial transformation. The SNSD plastic surgery has indeed attracted a lot of criticism as well as admiration.

Many young KPOP fans have openly expressed their disappointment in their idols. Jessica, an SNSD singer, has been requested for several interviews to discuss the visible changes to her face which she has declined every time. The same response has been reported with Taeyeon, Yoona and Hyoyeon. What everybody agrees with is that there are remarkable differences between the before and after photos of these nine singers. Fans are saying that the members of the group are striving to look the same. It is public opinion that the members of SNSD KPOP group have lost the essence of individual personality that fans identified with.

SNSD Girls

What has come to be known as KPOP surgery consists of three plastic surgery procedures, a nose job, jaw reduction and eyelid surgery. Jessica and Hyoyeon are the two members with the most visible changes indicative of a nose job in before and after photos. A nose job also known as rhinoplasty, refers to the surgical procedures used to reduce the size of the nose. Most of the SNSD members now have a small dainty nose, the product of rhinoplasty.

Jaw reduction surgery is aimed at reducing the lower jaw which narrows the face. The before and after photos of Taeyeon show the facial enhancement associated with jaw reduction. The after photos of this KPOP singer show a Korean girl with a short jaw that accentuates an ovoid face. Despite irrefutable evidence pointing to having been under a surgeon’s knife, all the SNSD members have denied having had plastic surgery.

The last procedure of KPOP surgery is the eyelid procedure also known as blepharoplasty. This surgical procedure is carried out to reduce pouches on the lower eyelids as well as removing excess skin from the upper eyelid. Blepharoplasty is not distinctly visible in the before and after photos of the members of SNSD. However it is rumoured to been part of the surgical procedures used on at least three members of the group. It is unlikely that a KPOP idol would have chosen not to have had eyelid surgery after having had both rhinoplasty and jaw reduction.

One can only speculate that the KPOP group’s music label has made it mandatory for girls to deny having had plastic surgery. If this is indeed the case then it is highly unlikely that any member of SNSD will come out and confess to have been under the surgeon’s knife. All in all, SNSD plastic surgery cannot be considered that successful if the changes it causes are so obvious to everyone. The members of SNSD are prime examples of the excesses celebrities go to in the pursuit of unnecessary perfection.