Transformation of Snooki After Plastic Surgery

SnookiWith the popularity of plastic surgery among celebrities today, it is no surprise to hear that a celebrity has had plastic surgery. Snooki is a famous reality star that has never been known for having body issues. This is what is gathered from social media where she takes pictures of her without make up and shares them with the world. With such confidence, it is highly unlikely to think that she would go for plastic surgery to enhance her looks. However, rumors have it that the reality star has had plastic procedures done. Her dramatic weight loss is the one thing most people agree was as a result of plastic surgery. She is said to have lost about 50 pounds in just five months.

Snooki has refused to admit that she had liposuction to reduce some of the fat. The celebrity claims that her weight loss was achieved by diet and exercise. She claims that she did not need plastic surgery to lose weight. However, as much as she denies the claims, her weight is one that is quite hard to achieve within such a short time. The only procedure that Snooki says she is willing to have is breast augmentation. She claims that her breast do not look good and would love to have plastic surgery done once she is done having babies.

Many reviews on celebrity plastic surgery have been made and many of this continue to claim that Snooki had liposuction in order to lose weight. Some specialists in plastic surgery also support the reviews claims. The reason why most people are not willing to let the issue go is because Snooki was heavier before the pregnancy and did nothing about it. It is therefore hard for people to believe that she suddenly got on a miracle diet and training routine that enabled her to lose that much weight in such a short time. Whether she had liposuction or not is not clear to many but many are supporting the fact that she did and they would love for her to admit it like some celebrities do.

Snooki Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation

The media has also made speculations about Snooki’s plastic surgery. They have supported their claims with before and after photographs that clearly show the massive appearance difference of the reality star. However, it is hard to tell whether or not she had plastic surgery since liposuction is not as easy to prove compared to other surgical procedures.

Snooki Boob Job

Snooki has great fans that support her in almost everything that she does. Most of her fans on social media support her when she says she has not had any plastic surgery procedures done. Those who are skeptical about it still support her. In general, most of her fans agree that she looks great after losing the weight compared to how she looked on the before photos. On her plans to have a boob job, she also has great support from her fans although most of them do not think she really needs one.