Seohyun Plastic Surgery Before And After Rumors

SeohyunThe world today is popular through the Korean wave of K-pop. Moreover, there are different pop music traditions from various Asian influences like Japan with J-pop and others. South Korea is especially known to harbor many girl bands, and one most famous is SNSD or Girl’s Generation. It comprises of nine beautiful girls, including Seohyun, as its members.

Seohyun plastic surgery has been on the news lately, with pre-debut photos and videos showing how she looked before and after surgery. This has come as a shock to many since she is very young, but as everyone knows, many celebrities in Korea have undergone cosmetic surgery as a trend in the entertainment business and celeb lifestyle. Seohyun was born on June 28, in the year 1991.

So, what parts of her body underwent surgery. Just like other Asian actresses rumored to undergo the surgery, Seohyun is also alleged having eyelid operation. According to her before-surgery pictures, her upper eyelids folds appeared very pronounced, but her rumored double eyelid surgery make them seem hidden a little bit. One certain thing is that Seohyun plastic surgery involved a nose job. Reason being, her nose appears nice till now and not wholly unnatural, but it is a clear smaller “cuter” version of the nose she had before. You can check out the before and after photos in her pre-debut videos to see how her nose tip has changed.

Seohyun Before And After Plastic Surgery

Seohyun is also suspected to have undergone breast augmentation and skin surgery. This is because she has appeared to have a healthy and beautiful skin and her breasts are sexy and tight. However, the popular SNSD’s band member once spoke to a media interview where she said that those are just rumors. She further added that those effects on her breast and skin are as a result of vegetables and fruits she consumed such as, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and salads.

 Last but not least, when it comes to her eminent puffy face, it could be a reaction to Botox injections, fat grafting, dermal filler, or it simply could be that she was born chubby-cheeked. Her new and smaller nose has further exaggerated this feature though.


According to Korean principles, for one to be an idol, they have to step up their game and look really breezy. It is one way of generating an air of private security and improving one’s confidence. Keeping on the fast lane and maintaining it is not that easy, which is why more celebrities go an extra mile to do odd things simply to keep close to prominence.

This is also why Seohyun plastic surgery did not come as a bombshell to most people in Korea. It is very obvious that keeping up her game would not come that easily. However, with all the rumors and speculations, she still looks beautiful as ever regardless of the many reactions to her body. And even though no one would really mind whether she has undergone the cosmetic procedure, what excites many is that she seems to lie about it.