Rumors Of Carrot Top Plastic Surgery

Carot Top plastic surgeryCarrot Top is an American actor and comedian who has featured in a number films and comedies. He has become famous because of his humor, comic nature and ability to act different roles. Better known as Scott Thompson, the actor has not been spared when it comes to celebrity rumors about plastic surgery. He is reported to have undergone a series of plastic surgery procedures to change his appearance.

Most comedy fans love him of his red hair and unique appearance. To date, the trend has changed and the topic of discussion is all about Carrot Top plastic surgery. Nonetheless, all these are considered as rumors because the actor has not admitted to have undergone the alleged plastic surgery procedures.

His modified face says it all because there is a sudden metamorphosis. Rumor has it that the Carrot underwent a series of injections and surgical treatment to come with the new look. His before and after photos reveal clearly that Carrot Top plastic surgery is already a foregone conclusion. His facial changes have attracted different opinions from his fans. Apart from laser resurfacing, it is believed that carrot has also undergone other plastic surgery procedures such as facelift, brow lift, botox injections and rhinoplasty. Many people are commenting negatively about his facial surgery that has left him less handsome than how he was previously.

Carrot Top before and after pictures

Carrot Top is reported to have undergone a botox treatment, a minor facial cosmetic procedure to keep his youthful looks. His decision to have Botox was not difficult to make since he needed to compete with young and energetic Hollywood actors. According to his early public views and statements, he represented the type of actors unlikely to get a cosmetic procedure. However, after starting on the Botox treatment which sustains his face shine and freshness with amazing elasticity, he urges the older actors to try and hang onto their youthful looks through cosmetic surgery.

The success of Carrot Top cosmetic surgery meant that he was able to look good and maintain his sex appeal. The actor is described as ever youthful, never aging actor who even got hotter and prettier after the cosmetic procedure. While some pointed out that Carrot Top was aging gracefully; others were of the opinion that his continued good looks could be as a result of plastic surgery. He specifically considered fillers, botox injections and face peels for the youthful appearance in order to maintain his looks and not alter them as he confesses he would not try to hide her aging because she is proud the way looks. The public suspect that the actor to be having regular Botox injections as well as laser treatment but the celebrity has not confessed yet to what cosmetic procedure he uses and he loves to let people play with their own speculation.

Carrot Top has been able to counter his age and continue to enjoy his career as an actor through the minor cosmetic procedure. All that remains is to wait and see whether there will be repercussions and consequences on the choices that he has made.