Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery:A Fact Or Just Another Rumor?

Rumer Willis 2008Celebrity plastic surgery has in the last decade been on the rise. Tabloids have not been left behind in letting fans know who the celebrity rumored to undergo a plastic surgery procedure. In reality, this makes plastic surgery a topic of gossip for many celebrity fans. In the recent past one amongst the many celebrities plastic surgery gossip subject is the Rumer Willis. She reportedly got her chin shaved down, got a boob job and got her top lip filled with collagen. Rumer is the first born daughter of superstar actor and actress Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

Being a semi-famous daughter of high-flying celebrities, you automatically become target of many when your looks start changing. Rumer is a victim of the same. She has been under the media microscope through her life. As a child, Rumer in point of fact played the role of a child in each of her parent’s movies. However, many agree that she is not even 20% as popular as either of her super famous parents, but one thing she surely got from them both is a fraction of each parent’s looks. The Demi Moore daughter looks a diminutive bit like her mother and the same as her dad Bruce Willis. Over the years, through her appearances in various TV programs, Rumer’s looks have distinctively changed over time. For instance, she undoubtedly appears to look unusual in her 2008 appearance as Renee Talbott in Army Wives, 2009 role Sorority Row and 2012 role in Workaholics as well. Throughout the intervals of 2008, 2009 to 2012 the change in Rumer’s face on her before and after photos became as evident as day and night.

Rumer Willis plastic surgery can be attributed to the constant pressure that she is exposed. This is particularly due to her ancestry as well as her career is concerned. Over the time, the actress like wine seems to get better with age. Fans that have traced her roots and followed her steps as an actress to date will concur that she looks prettier now than she did years ago. A majority of fans are of the thought that the famous actress has had several plastic surgery procedures done to augment her appearance.

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery before and after (2011-2013)

A walk down the memory lane particularly in her 2008 Army Wives appearance reveals a Rumer with a characteristically long chin as opposed to her new appearance. Without a shadow of a doubt, a skillfully performed plastic surgery is responsible to the enviable chin and jaw.

Rumer Willis upper lip is also characteristically fuller. It is said that Lip augmentation is responsible for the beautiful transformation on her lips.

Rumer plastic surgery according to Dr. Michael Salzhauer may perhaps have included facial reconstruction comprising of cheeks, chin and jaw as well. Also visibly different is Rumer’s chin. Overtime it characteristically appears to be getting shorter in length. To look more feminine the plastic surgeon is of the view that Rumer has sculpted her jaw planes in an attempt to look additionally feminine, an endeavor she has clearly excelled in.

Quite the reverse Dr. Paul S. Nassif a prominent plastic surgeon thinks that Rumer’s facial appearance may perhaps be as a result of growth. She has matured right under his watch to a beautiful looking young woman. Since Rumer has not commented on the rumors pedaled as true or false, anyone can have their own thought pertaining her new drop-dead gorgeous looks.

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