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Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery: True or Rumors?

Has Robin McGraw had plastic surgeryRobin McGraw a famous celebrity who is an American author, actress and speaker. She is also best known by people as she is the wife of Dr. Phil, a popular television talk show host and author. Robin is the author of two books – Inside My Heart and What’s Age Got to Do with It? These titles made it to number one of the New York Times book chart for the bestselling books. She has also starred in one episode of the famous soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. There are several television programs that she has made appearances in such as Dr. Phil, Christmas in Washington, Larry King Live and Entertainment Tonight.

Robin McGraw Inside My HeartRecently, rumors concerning the Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery have emerged. In giving her response, Robin denied ever going for plastic surgery procedures claiming that she maintains her body naturally. She expounded that she uses a hydrating hand crème as she believes that the hands are the first part that show that a woman is aging. She further claimed that she had discovered a natural way of making a woman’s face look as if it has been taken for a facelift. Aging well also requires some physical activity like taking Pilates lessons.

In spite of all her explanation, some critics and a group of her fan base claim that she is unrecognizable nowadays. These changes are speculated to be brought about by botox injections, having a nose job done on her lips look like they have been having a lip job. Robin has some perfect pair of lips which critics claim are not natural but rather she got lip implants.

As she was born in the 1950s but yet looks young, there must be something that Robin McGraw does to maintain her perfect youthful looks. The media speculations claim that she has also gone for a boob job as she is now rumored to be having some breast implants/augmentation. Her face is also doubtful as it is near perfect, people claim that she had cheek implants placed on her face to make it acquire the desired perfect facial shape.

The Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery rumors were started by her critics after her before and after photos emerged on the internet. There are numerous comparisons made between the two pictures and her latest picture proves that indeed she has undergone cosmetic procedure. These pictures are used as evidence against people who doubt the truthfulness of the rumors.

dr.phil wife robin mcgraw before and after plastic surgery

The recent pictures of Robin McGraw portray her to be very young than she actually is in real sense. This fact has been used by her critics to prove their Plastic Surgery theories. They brush aside any explanation given by the bestselling author herself in response to these false claims. The rumor mills claim that even though the body naturally shapes itself, her beautiful pictures are as a result of visiting a plastic surgeon.

All American celebrities have to put up with claims such as this from their critics at some point in their career and Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery claims are not new. It is better that she has denied these speculations and stated the truth to the world. It remains a mystery whether the speculations are true or just mere rumors used to tarnish her career and name.


66 Responses

  1. She looks anything but natural. Eyes, cheeks,a whole lot of botox & lips roll up over them from injections

  2. Never beautiful before or after and not a very smart woman!!

  3. Epic Treasure

    what a stupid article.. Dumbest question ever

  4. Pauline Reeves

    You look lovely Robin what ever you do to keep you

  5. Nancy Stack

    Robin, please, do you REALLY expect us to believe you never had work done? At your age yet?

  6. Lizzi Mathis

    "Robin McGraw a famous celebrity who is an American author, actress and speaker." What a ridiculous thing to write. The only thing she is famous for is her husband. Her moronic books would never have been published by anyone if she hadn't been married to Dr Phil. Actress??? What the hell has she been in? She is so desperate to be on television that Dr Phil has a camera hanging over her head so we can all watch her nodding. Pathetic.

  7. Hint: when you "appear" younger than your own children…God didn't grow you that way, nor is it photo airbrushing. what about it is hard to believe as everything about her is fake, personality, smile, marriage, on and on…

  8. Obviously she has had work done. Do I care about her plastic surgery/Botox/fillers? No. I care that she, as other celebrities have done, tout their natural beauty routine and make money on their deceptions.

  9. Dan Sherry Costa

    they should walk like you,

  10. Janice Nicholas

    looks like filler to me, too much everywhere and its effect (if using too much) is always to make someone look plastic,

  11. Don't care what she has done. I have trouble with celebrities making a buck on their 'natural' remedies all the while having a 'little' help from their plastic surgeon.

  12. M Grace Tahapary Campbell

    Nope! She obviously had chick implant and lips implant as well. Not to mention brow lift and a host of other lifts…LOL

  13. M Grace Tahapary Campbell

    LOL…your comments made my day :) She has done everything possible under the knife and needle to keep her looking young, but one thing she can not change is her manly voice. Have you ever noticed her voice? Sounds like a transgender voice to me, deep.

  14. Lizzi Mathis

    M Grace Tahapary Campbell :-) Can't stand the idiot woman! Hide it well, don't I! I always think she sounds like she has badly fitting falsies.

  15. Rita A Coody

    It doesn't matter what she has had done , by seeing your picture , she's much prettier than you are . You should be so lucky , to have a little tune up done yourself

  16. Brigitte Valle

    I cannot stand her she Is so full of herself Im no Dr nor am I an idiot you can clearly see how much plastic surgey and veneers she has had

  17. Brigitte Valle

    I cannot stand her she Is so full of herself Im no Dr nor am I an idiot you can clearly see how much plastic surgey and veneers she has had

  18. Suzanne Cipriani

    I love dr. Phil and Robin but I think she should be honest about it. It is obvious she had the work done. just own up to it. Honesty is the best policy otherwise she should say "no comment".

  19. She looks bad. Probably not reversible.

  20. She looks good for 60 but definitely has had plastic surgery. She is hawking her new face creams but it is hard to buy into it when you know surgery and fillers work so much better.

  21. Sharla Percell

    Her face is to puffy…..plastic surgery….now selling skin care products…

  22. Sharla Percell

    Her face is to puffy…..plastic surgery….now selling skin care products…

  23. Karen Seaton

    Phony bologna she is so full of herself, with her veneers and not a wrinkle to be found all BS, she is not setting a good example

  24. I just saw her on TV and there is not a wrinkle on her face. She is lying through her teeth if she says she has had no work done. She looks quite altered. Why do celebs have to lie about this???

  25. Gross gross gross. She and her husband are sickening.
    Why would ANYBODY go for these people? Yuk. Both so phony and self serving.

  26. Who cares if she's had "work?" No one. However, I HATE a liar and I feel it's just a shame she can't be truthful. Not a very good example for all women; but particularly for the women she's supposedly trying to help.

  27. Too much botox, she doesn't look like the same person. I noticed her daughter in law is using the botox too. Growing old gracefully is better. She should also stop trying to sell her books and cosmetics on the Dr. Phil show – it doesn't look good.

  28. Connie Tonn

    If I had her and her husbands money, I'd have work done too. You ladies are just being catty and your jealous side is showing. I do, however, think she does believe she is better than some of us. Too smug.

  29. Lorraine Flacks

    She looks like a plastic fake dummy. No character at all. When will woman realize that this look is funny not beautiful. If these woman worked as much on their inside as they did on their outside they would be more beautiful!

  30. Sandy Smith

    It is ridiculous how the McGraw's sell their books, the doctors show, the son's new dr on call website service & his production company, etc,,,,,,,,, aren't they rich enough? Truth be known their daughter in law is an ex playboy bunny with her twin sister. I looked up Robin's plastic surgery because her cheeks look too big and her lips as well. I guess makeup can do that…right??? Ha.

  31. Kathleen Gray

    I thought it was just me that thinks Robin is phony. Her face is getting to look like the old actresses who are so full of Botox and stretching their skin that they don't look human. Robin, age naturally, it will look better than all the fillers, etc.

  32. Lynn McCoobery

    first time I had watched show in months, first thing I noticed was the change in her looks. She looks terrible, what ever she did was a huge mistake

  33. I thought I was the only one who saw how unnatural Robin looks! I am 63 and think it is an honor to grow older with grace than with artificial work that NEVER looks natural!!!! Also, the Dr. Phil show has now turned into an an annoying info-mercial about selling her 'products' and books with large pictures of her everywhere and women applying cremes and potions to get that 'youthful' glow! I change the channel if I see Robin beginning on another mission to push this false help. If she really believed her own words, then she would not have had plastic surgery and now be untruthful about it. Perhaps, it is all about the opportunity to make money and a name for herself on the coat-tails of her famous husband. After all, Dr. Phil is the name and brand we trusted and turned in to watch all these years…..not Robin and her potions and HER advise! What advise can she give women who are NOT living her life-style? Women who are abused, poor, sick, ect? want another woman who has SURVIVED life to speak to them, not one who has it ALL done for her and now is trying to deny what is evident.

  34. Anonymous

    Connie: I don't think that the issue is jealousy so much as overt dishonesty. She should have all the work done she wants and owes no one an explanation. OTOH, she is being disrespectful to Phil/Rob audiences when she goes out of her way to advertise that she an all-natural product of diet, exercise, and the Robin Skin Care Line.

  35. Anonymous

    i believe that everyone has a right to do whatever they want to their body. I have a friend who had a huge, malformed jaw and another with a nose that was way out of proportion to her face. Both had plastic surgery and look much better. The problem, though, is when women claim that their looks are the result of natural this and that and ordinary women feel like lesser beings because they "do everything right" and still age. I have much more respect for, say, Sharon Osborne and Joan Rivers, who own what they have done. On the other hand, Robin McGraw and Suzanne Summers hawk their books (and now products) while denying surgeries and injections. What makes this unbelievable is not that they both look young, but that they look scarily artificial, just like every woman I know who has had these procedures. If Suz and Rob's advice was for real, they would look for real! One would think that their "natural" approaches would yield natural-looking results.Robin was recently on her husband's show to help an abused woman feel better about herself by using Robin's new skin line. Robin could not speak properly – her mouth appeared tight and nearly immovable. Does she think the viewers are that gullible?

  36. Julia Valley

    Just watch the doctor 1000 th episodes,seen Robin on there ,to me it look like she had face work

  37. B-j Certain

    The thing that is most offensive about both her and Phil – "Dr. Shill" – is the marketing of her skin care line on the backs and faces of the victims of domestic violence. The two of them have no shame nor sense of propriety. If they truly want to help victims of domestic violence, 100% of the proceeds of this skin care line should go to that purpose. I hope the public sees how tasteless and deeply revolting using these women as a marketing tool for the profit of the "Dr. Shill" empire is.

  38. Andie Friesen

    I agree! Except…she is lying through her veneers!

  39. Tammy Bracken

    I haven't watched the Dr. Phil show in well over 7 years. I just turned it on (since I'm home sick today) and saw Robin and couldn't believe her face! It's so obvious she's had work done. Nothing wrong with that, but why not be honest about it? No amount of creams, or masks, or sleep makes your face look stretched like hers. Yuck.

  40. Why is Robin McGraw so deceiving? Its very obvious that she has had lots of cosmetic surgery. Does she really believe she can fool the public? I for one can not stand her mouth! Just notice that her upper lip and lower lip do not touch. Therefore she can't pronounce some of her words correctly! If I had her money, I would have some procedures done too. But just note that I would not lie about it! Such a shame that some one in her status can't be honest. What else are they not telling the truth about? Hmmmmm……..makes ya wonder!

  41. Couldn't care less whether she has had work done or not. But it is ridiculous to lie about it! C'mon…it's obvious she's had work done. Don't lie about it.

  42. Couldn't care less whether she has had work done or not. But it is ridiculous to lie about it! C'mon…it's obvious she's had work done. Don't lie about it.

  43. Because who gives a dam. She is gorgeous and it's her body and her money. If she has the money and courage to do it that's her decision come on.

  44. Because who gives a dam. She is gorgeous and it's her body and her money. If she has the money and courage to do it that's her decision come on.

  45. Andie Friesen

    Leah Bell O'Loughlin Yes..but why lie about it? That's the problem I have!

  46. Lizzi Mathis

    It completely cracks me up that if someone says something negative about Robin McGraw, they are told they are "jealous". Why would anyone be jealous of a marriage-wrecking skank who lies through her falsies???

  47. Jody Shields Fox

    What annoys me is most of tgese celebs that start their own skin line is they say their skincare is the reason they look so young what bulls**t they look young becoz of all the botox they have done abd plastic surgery and then lie and say its their skin care and thousands of woman fall for their lies and buy their skin care products yes ladies this skincare will work but first you need to spend thousands of dollars on botox then plastic surgery then spend even more money buying the skin care range that didnot give their results and this one is no different

  48. Lizzi Mathis

    She's not a celeb!

  49. Lizzi Mathis

    Leah Bell O'Loughlin I agree it is her decision (don't agree she is "gorgeous") but that isn't the point here. The point is telling everyone she uses natural products, selling them and lying through her falsies about them.

  50. Lizzi Mathis

    Calling her smug isn't being "catty"? Just what everyone else says? Yeah, right.

  51. She's definitely had work done!!!! I don't care if she did just don't like lie about it.

  52. M Grace Tahapary Campbell

    Leah Bell O'Loughlin Ditto. Who cares if she has tons of plastic surgeries (I would too, if I could afford it), but why she had to deny it? She thinks American people are stupid?

  53. M Grace Tahapary Campbell

    Leah Bell O'Loughlin Ditto. Who cares if she has tons of plastic surgeries (I would too, if I could afford it), but why she had to deny it? She thinks American people are stupid?

  54. M Grace Tahapary Campbell

    Lizzi Mathis WOW! Exactly! You took the words out of my mind :) LOL

  55. M Grace Tahapary Campbell

    And Dr. Shill aka Phil always brings up his son's name (Jay?) as the one who started the Doctors in Demand website and has this publishing book company, blah…blah…blah… Really? Where did his son come up with the money to start all these companies if not for his father? Never fails to promote his son's and his wife's businesses during his shows. Free marketing for them, for sure. Shame on him! BTW, Dr Phil left his wife for Robyn. Talking about cheating on your spouse and giving advice to his guests how to be faithful to their spouses. Wow!

  56. Watching Dr Phil show right now. First time I've seen Robin in a long time. She looks ugly!!!

  57. She Is Starting To Look Like Joan Rivers.

  58. Vickie Cooley Perritt

    I do believe she has had plastic surgery , dont know why they say she didnt,, however, I heard Dr. Phils x wife interviewed but she said nothing about Robin being the other woman, dont think he knew Robin while he was married to his first wife.

  59. omg…i didnt know he was married before.. how did i miss that.. and i quit watching them as it was getting both of them were so full of themselves… and then i looked after 1 year and it was 150percent obvious she had work and UGLY.. her lips are unbalanced when she makes certain words.ha

  60. yeah they are both so obvious full of themselvs.. great marketers of themselves and i quit watching their show…1 year later i looked and it as so freakin obvious she had work.. and lies about it

  61. Dunn Deborah

    Just saw Robin McGraw on Dr. Phils show being named spokesperson for the girl scouts…who are taught to be truthful…if shes saying shes never had work done of any kind, she has no business being spokesperson. She looks horrible, puffy faced from fillers with no wrinkles at her age…please. What a shame, she was a lovely lady before, not now, she looks ghastly, not at all natural looking. Veneers I can see getting for anyone with bad teeth but leave the botox and surgeries alone. Very rarely does anyone look improved when they start getting all those procedures, they look fake and grotesque.

  62. Mary Smith

    I had to google if Robin had surgery or botox because she looks SOOO BAD! She can deny it all she wants but she just tried speaking to the girl scouts and her lips wouldn't even touch when she tried to say words with an 'm' or 'b' in them. We don't need another Joan Rivers! Robin is pretty without all the hype!

  63. Sharon Moore

    This is the first time I've noticed how much her

  64. Sharon Moore

    Oops…face has changed. She looks terrible!!

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