Plastic Surgery

Things You Need to Know About Plastic Surgeries

 One of the greatest and yet most controversial innovations of the 20th century is the surgical procedure known as plastic surgery. For many years now, a lot of people have undergone the procedure not just for reconstructive purposes but mainly for cosmetic reasons. Plastic surgery has received a lot of different comments from individuals belonging to different groups and sectors but despite the controversies, it has become very popular and well-accepted in the present society.

 History of Plastic Surgery

 Although plastic surgery boomed only in the late 20th century, the surgical techniques for reconstructive surgery have been established as early as 800 BC. In the early times, skin-grafting, which is among the most common reconstructive plastic surgery procedures, has been performed in India. Methods and techniques in reconstructive plastic surgery have continued to develop until the beginning of World War I. After the war, surgeons were forced to perform plastic surgery among soldiers and individuals who have received injuries from the war. Surgeons performed reconstructive surgeries to restore shattered jaws, gaping skull wounds and others.

 The performance of plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes began in the 19th century. Compared to reconstructive surgery, cosmetic plastic surgery is usually optional and only for aesthetic purposes. Several facial surgery techniques have been developed and performed. In 1946, the first sex reassignment surgery has been performed by changing the sexual organ of a female into a male’s organ.

 Types of plastic surgery

 Many types of plastic surgery are being performed by thousands of plastic surgeons all over the world today. The most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures include the following:


 Abdominoplasty or tummy tack is a very common plastic surgery procedure conducted not only in the United States but also in other areas of the world. It involves the incision and excision of abdominal skin and the suction of the excess fats in the lower and middle portion of the abdomen. Post-operatively, the abdomen appears firmer and flatter. Abdominoplasty is a reconstructive surgery among post-pregnant individuals and obese individuals who need to lose weight.


 Mammoplasty is the general term for breast reconstructive surgeries. It is performed not just among women who want to have better-looking breasts but also among men suffering from gynecomastia, a condition that provides enlargement of male breasts. Breast augmentation, or the enlargement of female breasts, is done either by fat grafting or silicone gel prosthesis. Breast reduction indicated for men suffering from gynecomastia is done by incision and excision of skin and tissues in the breasts. Mastopexy or breast lift, which has become very common these days, is done through the removal only of the breast skin while the glandular tissues are retained.

 Buttocks augmentation

 The buttocks augmentation procedure is performed to lift the butt and tighten it up. It involves skin grafting and the use of silicone implants. Buttocks augmentation is usually conducted among women who have sagging butt skin.


 Liposuction, whose ultimate result is weight loss, is a very well-known plastic surgery procedure not just among obese people but also among individuals who simply want to lose weight and body fats. The procedure is performed in different parts of the body such as the arms, the thighs and the abdomen.

 Plastic Surgery Prices/Costs

 The prices for plastic surgery may range from $100 to thousands of dollars depending on the type of surgery, the patient’s condition and the surgeon’s expertise. It may also vary depending on the place where you choose to undergo the procedure. Some surgeons usually provide discounts among patients.

 Shocking Celebrity Plastic Surgery

 Many celebrities undergo plastic surgery for several different reasons. Although many of them come out with an improved state, some celebrities’ plastic surgeries seem to shock everyone out. The following are some of the most shocking celebrity plastic surgeries.

 Donatella Versace’s nose and lips surgery

 Donatella Versace is among the celebrities who have undergone several plastic surgeries but one of her most remarkable surgeries is the nose and lip surgery. Although there has been no reports about how she feels about her surgery, a lot of people have commented on her new look.

 Kelly Bensimon’s breast surgery

 Kelly Bensimon has become a hot topic in the world of plastic surgery after her appearance with a badly-shaped breast surgery. A lot of individuals have commented about her misshapen breasts which can be seen on her photos.

 Tori Spelling’s breast surgery

 Another celebrity included in the list of worst plastic surgeries is Tori Spelling. She confessed in 2008 that she actually had breast augmentation but the results seem to be quite different from what was expected.

 Celebrities Before and After Plastic Surgery

 Although some celebrity plastic surgeries have gone wrong, a lot of celebrities had successful plastic surgeries which have made them look a lot better.

 Jennifer Aniston’s nose job

 Many may not have even noticed it but Jennifer Aniston had undergone an almost perfectly done nose job. The plastic surgery which made her nose look slimmer in the nose bridge area is almost natural-looking.

 Ellen DeGeneres’s face lift

 Ellen DeGeneres has undergone a face and eye lift which made her look younger and refreshed. The best thing about her surgery is that it looks very natural.

 Ashlee Simpson’s nose job

 Another successful plastic surgery is Ashlee Simpson’s nose job. There is not much difference between her before and after look but she definitely appeared more confident.

Interesting facts about Plastic Surgery

 Plastic surgery may seem typical but there are some facts about it which will surely catch your attention. Here are some of the interesting facts about plastic surgery:

 -In 2011, 91% of all plastic surgeries were done on women while only 9% were done on men.

 -Chin augmentation is slowly becoming one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the US.

 -The top 1 most popular surgery conducted among women is breast augmentation and among men, the top 1 most popular surgery is nose job.

 -2% of surgical procedures are conducted among individuals aged 13-19.

 If you are considering to undergo a plastic surgery procedure, you must spend time to learn more about the type of surgery you wish to have. Also, do not compromise your wellness by choosing surgeons who are not board certified and experts in the field. Find the best surgeons to obtain safe and successful surgeries.

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