After Plastic Surgery Christian Author Paula White Looks Much More Different

Paula WhiteFor those who do not know Paula White, she is a popular televangelist hosting the TV show Paula today, Co founder of the without walls international church and now a senior pastor of new destiny Christian center in Apopka, Florida. It seems however that she did decide to literally “preach water and drink wine”.

This comes about after bowing down to the constant pressure of looking good for the TV and apparently for the pulpit and having plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Accusations

This plastic surgery rumors come about at the height of accusation form her ex husband Randy White who has accused her of theft and embezzlement of money and equipment that she uses to cater for her insatiable shopping and plastic surgery procedure. It seems however that Paula White underwent the changes at a time when her step daughter was terminally ill and needed her support. This has given rise to a lot of complaint and disapproval especially from members of her congregation.

Paula White Before And After Plastic Surgery

Born in 1966, Paula looks way younger than what she is expected to look even with a great combination of diet and exercise. As a preacher who constantly advocates and keeps on preaching about allowing the refreshment of the Holy Spirit it seems she decided to take matters into her own hands. Her congregation at the least feels betrayed at her actions.

Procedures done

Though she has vehemently refuted to the claims of having undergone plastic surgery, her before and after photos, tell of a different script all together, confirming that she has indeed gone under the knife for some “physical rejuvenation”.


Looking at her wrinkle free face, it’s hard to accept the fact that great diet can actually reverse aging by 20 years or more. It shows a different case scenario of what her photos were showing a while back. Her face is completely smooth with even no natural expression features. Her eyebrows seem higher and her whole skin looks taunt up to the chin.

Botox Injections

It seems that this is a regular feature taking into account that she has no parenthesis even along her mouth natural crease. Her creases lines at the forehead and common smile and frown lines are practically non existent

Breast Augmentation

Bigger, better is something that is taking shape with celebrities who frequently feature on TV regardless of career. Her physical demeanor show a different overall body physique with her breast having jumped two sizes bigger and judging from the photos it is definitely not a push up bra making the difference.


Her nose is actually one of the few features that have turned out for the better, looking superbly great. Her nose bridge is shorter and complements the appearance of her eyes and mouth beautifully.

Dermal Fillers

To ensure that her cheeks don’t betray her age, this is another possible procedure that she underwent to pump up the cheeks. In comparison they do look fuller and rounder and a little plastic and unnatural, a little would have gone a long way in enhancing them not completely changing her look.

Congregation member’s opinions

Either way it seems some members in her congregation have an opinion about the change stating that she looks “recycled”, “completely artificial now” and other saying that “Looking like a million dollars helps selling books”. Well it seems like the marketing strategy is working taking into account that people are actually talking about her tirelessly.