Park Bom’s Latest Addition to Her Plastic Surgery Procedures

Park Bom Plastic Surgery

It is a miracle what the wonder of medicine has done. What might have been more attractive to Park Bom however is plastic surgery. You may have heard of the 2NE1’s singer either for her astounding voice or for the fact that she has frequently made rounds on news rooms, magazines and blogs regarding her ever changing facial appearance. The latter is what has amassed her more attention from both critics and fans alike. Park, who many would fondly refer to as very beautiful, good looking and utterly talented, has had a habit of a having a number of plastic surgeries over the years and at least one every year according to the rumors that flood the internet. However, recently she appeared with a pointed chin and the fact that it was slanting on one side has caused a major uproar on the internet. Even though the singer has not openly discussed or confirmed the rumors, it is safe to say that the eye rarely goes wrong.

The rumor about her latest cosmetic addition to her face has brought about mixed reactions within her fan base with some being sympathetic and some even going to the extent of even pleading with the South Korean celebrity to stop ruining her face. Some however have taken a more somber take on the situation insisting that the singer’s addiction to plastic surgery might not be her will bit that she could be suffering Bell’s Palsy which could be a worthy reason to her addiction. Park Bom plastic surgery rumors include chin surgery, boob job, eyelid surgery, lip implants and nose job procedures with indication of botox injections.

Aside from the slanting chin which to say the least could have been a chin job that did not go as planned, the singer also appeared to have a frozen face that could indicate she also had some Botox injections. As much as this could be alarming to many, it should not come as a surprise given that South Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world. Furthermore, Park once admitted to having undergone surgery for cosmetic reasons but that was a while back. However, according to the singer, she suffers from Lymph Nodes disease which requires constant surgery and that is the reason as to why her face is always changing.

Park Bom before and after plastic surgery

If this is true, it could be a devastating blow to the utterly beautiful singer’s appearance not to mention her career and the worst part is that she could be a victim of it all. However, this does not explain the catastrophic work on her chin (unless of course there is a connection between the lymph nodes and the chin) but could explain the apparently swollen lymph nodes that were noted on the singer during a recent performance.

The new rumored addition for Park was noted when the singer who is also known for her big voice appeared on a TV show to promote 2NE1’s newest single called “Do you love me?” Screenshots of the singers slanting chin quickly spiraled in and out of the internet and as you would expect, there were those that were not surprised, those that were sympathetic and pitiful of the singer’s behavior and those that were appalled that she would like to change anything on her already beautiful face. If the constant changes are not as a result of her alleged condition, Park could be digging a hole into her a career and a big one to say the least.