Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery: True or Rumors?

Has Robin McGraw had plastic surgeryRobin McGraw a famous celebrity who is an American author, actress and speaker. She is also best known by people as she is the wife of Dr. Phil, a popular television talk show host and author. Robin is the author of two books – Inside My Heart and What’s Age Got to Do with It? These titles made it to number one of the New York Times book chart for the bestselling books. She has also starred in one episode of the famous soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. There are several television programs that she has made appearances in such as Dr. Phil, Christmas in Washington, Larry King Live and Entertainment Tonight. Read more

Was Meagan Good Plastic Surgery Good Or Bad?

Meagan Good plastic surgeryToday, even very young celebrities are not left out from plastic surgery rumors. The speculation about Meagan Good plastic surgery has become hot news because of her celebrity status and large following in her media works. Meagan Good is one of the most renowned young actresses in Hollywood. She was born in 1981 at Panorama city of Los Angeles in California. She has featured in many movies and programs such as Cousin Skeeter, The Love Guru, Venom, My Wife and Kids, Deliver Us from Eva, One Missed Call and Saw V. Her large following makes her changes to be easily noticeable and subject to discussions and even speculation. Read more

The Truth About Aishwarya Rai Plastic Surgery

Aishwarya RaiAishwarya Rai Bachchan career as an actress began early in her age. First, she stunned the audience and build up a wide fan base with her green-blue-eyed perfectly shaped head on a long neck. In 1994, Aishwarya was crowned the runners up to Miss India before venturing into the world of movies. In the movie The Duo, judges could not resist but crown her as the winner for the best female debut. Other movies she has featured in include Taal, Devdas and um Dil De Chuke Sanam. However, it is her role in the Bunty & Bubby that created unending waves to the entire nation and Asia. Rumors on Aishwarya Rai plastic surgery have hit the media as people want to understand who is this irresistible actress? Read more

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery:A Fact Or Just Another Rumor?

Rumer Willis 2008Celebrity plastic surgery has in the last decade been on the rise. Tabloids have not been left behind in letting fans know who the celebrity rumored to undergo a plastic surgery procedure. In reality, this makes plastic surgery a topic of gossip for many celebrity fans. In the recent past one amongst the many celebrities plastic surgery gossip subject is the Rumer Willis. She reportedly got her chin shaved down, got a boob job and got her top lip filled with collagen. Rumer is the first born daughter of superstar actor and actress Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Read more

How Truthful Are The Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery Accusations?

Preity Zinta plastic surgeryPreity Zinta is one of the most famous Indian actresses and arguably one of the most beautiful Indian actresses. During her illustrious film career so far she has starred in many Hindi movies that have turned out to be successful like The Hero: Love Story of a Spy and Kal Ho Naa Ho among other great Hindi movies. Just like other celebrities in Hollywood, there have emerged allegations of Plastic Surgery all over the internet and some magazines. Read more

The Jaw Dropping Patricia Heaton Plastic Surgery

Patricia Heaton plastic surgeryThe beautiful Patricia Heaton has not escaped the headlines of many tabloids. Rumor has it that the Patricia Heaton plastic surgery procedures were carried out apparently after the star gave birth to her four adoring boys. The aftermath of the impeccable deliveries she reckons, was unwanted stretch marks, in addition to excessive fat around the waist. Her breasts also hanged down unpleasantly as a result of breastfeeding. In an attempt to enhance her beautiful looks, the adorable mum has divulged that she has undergone a variety of surgeries such as having a breast reduction in addition to a tummy tuck subsequent to giving birth to her four sons. Read more

Amanda Bynes Nose Job Plastic Surgery Obsession

Amanda Bynes nose jobAmong all the Hollywood celebrities who have undergone nose job plastic surgery, none has made their procedures so public than Amanda Bynes. Amanda is a young actress – currently 27 years old, who has a diverse career line. She is a former host of Nickelodeon show, and also doubles up as a singer and acting film star. After featuring in various successful Nickelodeon TV series, she retired and joined the film industry. She has already starred in many teenage audience films, the most common being Hairspray and She’s the Man. This little innocent star has caused quite a lot of stir in social media and mass media concerning cosmetic surgery. Read more

Catherine Bell’s Plastic Surgery Hollywood Gossip

Catherine Bell plastic surgeryThe rise in plastic surgery among Hollywood actresses is very alarming as several women choose to go under the knife in order to change their appearance. Most actresses who have low self-esteem in their appearances choose plastic surgery to improve their beauty. One of the actresses who is rumored to have undergone cosmetic surgery is Catherine Bell. Catherine Bell is a renowned British-born American actress having featured in the popular American TV show JAG where she acted as Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Mackenzie. The show was closed in 2005 and she found a new job in the TV series Army Wives. Lately, Bell has really changed in her face appearance which made her fans to speculate that she may have undergone plastic surgery. Read more

Elsa Patton Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Mama Elsa Patton plasticsurgeryland.comElsa Patton is about 70 years old mother of Marysol Patton. She has made a celebrity name for herself through her role as the non-filtered comic and psychic relief in The Real Housewives of Miami. Mama Elsa Plastic Surgery is a real life example of how plastic surgery could really go wrong in search for face modification. Elsa Patton disclosed about her cosmetic surgeries and how the surgeon that had attended to her almost ruined her life. Read more

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