The Rumors Of Marg Helgenberger Plastic Surgeries

Marg Helgenberger 7Marg Helgenberger is best known for her roles in CSI and ER. This actress has gracefully aged, so it would seem. Like many of the Hollywood actresses, she has had plenty of speculations on whether or not she has gone under the knife. And like so many others, she has not said anything if she has or has not gotten anything done. This leaves everything up to speculation but, are Marg Helgenberger plastic surgery rumors true. Read more

Holly Hunter Denies Plastic Surgery

Holly Hunter 1Celebrities are people who always want to be in the scrutiny of the public and this has led them being under such pressure to remain in perfection despite age catching up with them. Many celebrities have found themselves seeking plastic surgery and other professional services to alter their appearances such as face augmentation, Botox injections, cosmetic surgery, liposuction and many others. The Holly Hunter plastic surgery issue has been all over the media with many claiming that she had a facelift and Botox fillers to enhance her fading beauty which was causing her to lose out on attention from fans. Read more

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Disaster

Axl Rose 3Celebrities are people who always have the spotlight on every aspect of their lives. This includes what they wear, where they live, their spouses and families, their wealth, change of careers and physical changes. The current trend of celebrities turning to plastic surgery and many other cosmetic procedures has grown and blown out of proportion. For some of them, the results have been superb and worth everyone’s envy. On the other hand, others have not been so lucky and the results were sort of disastrous for lack of a better word. There are those who live to regret their actions and wish they hadn’t undergone any sort of transformation. Read more

Transformation of Snooki After Plastic Surgery

SnookiWith the popularity of plastic surgery among celebrities today, it is no surprise to hear that a celebrity has had plastic surgery. Snooki is a famous reality star that has never been known for having body issues. This is what is gathered from social media where she takes pictures of her without make up and shares them with the world. With such confidence, it is highly unlikely to think that she would go for plastic surgery to enhance her looks. However, rumors have it that the reality star has had plastic procedures done. Her dramatic weight loss is the one thing most people agree was as a result of plastic surgery. She is said to have lost about 50 pounds in just five months. Read more

Nikki Mudarris Plastic Surgery Rumors

Nikki Mudarris 2Plastic surgery is becoming the order of the day for many celebrities. This may be because there is a lot of pressure from fans, friends and the media. The world expects of celebrities to look perfect and they have accepted this theory since most of them turn to plastic surgery to enhance their beauty. Nikki Mudarris the famous reality star is one of the celebrities who are rumored to have had plastic surgery. Rumors are saying that she has had butt implants, breast augmentation and a nose job. However, the rumors about her butt implants are more popular compared to the other cosmetic procedures. Read more

Has Kathryn Morris Done Plastic Surgery?

Kathryn Morris 3Celebrities are taking plastic surgery to a new level everyday with the intention of enhancing their beauty. Kathryn Morris was not left behind in all this since she too has had a few surgical procedures to enhance her looks. Kathryn Morris plastic surgery has become a subject most people like to discuss. Read more

Why Madonna Looks So Youthful After Plastic Surgery?

MadonnaMadonna is one of the biggest names in the entertainment world circles. Although her career has been punctuated with controversy after controversy she has emerged as one of the biggest artistes of all time. Madonna is among the highest paid mega stars of our time. The never aging celebrity who turned 55 has time and again vehemently denied making an appointment with a plastic surgeon. Read more

Kim Basinger Aging Gracefully or Plastic Surgery?

Kim BasingerGood genes, this is one of the few things that have been attributed to Kim Basinger youthful graceful appearance, but then again doesn’t she look way too youthful? Looking at her photos, there could only be two reasons for her appearance, either she has stumbled on the fountain of youth that is enabling her to age in reverse or she has had some work done. Because we aren’t focusing on myths here, it’s quite obvious the big question that remains is if she has really undergone plastic surgery. Read more

Has Carole Radziwill Undergone Plastic Surgery To Enhance Her Looks?

Carole RadziwillAm sure you know of Carole Radziwill, the former news reporter at ABC news and a writer. Yes that one, the one that is having a blast, talking ears off in The Real housewives of New York City. It appears that she has changed tact from being a cry baby to a screaming woman but that is for another time. Apparently Carole Radziwill is royalty, having been related by marriage into the J. F. Kennedy family. Either way it seems her joining the show was just for the paycheck and the fame, as if she didn’t get that back in 1994. With her ever pronounced outspoken nature, one thing that is great in her is her striking toned up body; she looks great and almost her age. Read more

The mystery of Calista Flockhart cheeks: has she had surgery?

Calista Flockhart celesurgery

Calista Kay Flockhart, known simply as Calista Flockhart, is a 49 years old American actress and TV star. She rose to fame in the title role on successful TV series “Ally McBeal” and later reclaimed her popularity and critical acclaim when she starred on the popular family drama “Brothers & Sisters”, opposite Rob Lowe, Sally Field, Emily van Camp and a host of other stars. Though she’s enjoyed huge success over the years, having won several awards for “Ally McBeal”, including a Golden Globe, the stunning actress, who is married to Harrison Ford, hasn’t been in any projects since the end of “Brothers & Sisters”, back in 2011. Read more

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