Obscurity of Courteney Cox plastic surgery

Courtney Cox Plastic SurgeryInternationally known for her roles in entertaining sitcoms, Courteney Cox is a renowned golden globe nominated American actress. The popularity has brought attention to her looks, leaving many to wonder whether she has had plastic surgery to maintain her gorgeous body. Courteney Cox plastic surgery is topic on the lips of many. In so far as the rumor of her surgery goes, loads of people believe that she must have gotten under the knife to look as beautiful has she has over the years.

The actress’s chest seems to be conspicuously larger. Loads of Courteney’s viewing audience as well as fans speculate that perhaps she might have had boob job plastic surgery done. Topless photos of the actress as well as some jaw dropping bikini scenes on Cougar town have altogether accelerated the Breast augmentation rumor mill to a greater deal. Before and after photos of Courteney Cox have led to the mystery in plastic surgery. Has she or has she not had a breast implants? This is the question that puzzles most of her fans. In her latest photos she flaunts fuller breasts than before. The breast augmentation must have been carried out professionally since she still appears to have a natural shape.

In addition, Courteney is rumored to have undergone lip augmentation as well as face filling. As a confirmation to many rumors, the super talented actress has acknowledged to getting Botox injections, further explaining why the almost 50 actress lacks wrinkles as it is expected for a woman of her age. Cox is reported to have claimed that her experience with Botox was as horrible as it was fantastic. Courteney Cox is one of the school of thought that cosmetic surgery should be used in moderation.

Courtney Cox before and after

Questions have emerged even after Courteney confession to using Botox that has resulted to her characteristically natural lips, flat tummy, smooth skin plus facial features. Many fans agree that Courteney’s facial features are as a result of a facelift as opposed to Botox injections. Her face and lips appear fuller than before, consequently leading to the speculation that she’s got cheek implants. Taking a keen look at hers before and after photos, one can point out to the comprehensible variations, in particular, in the region of her eyes and mouth. Also characteristically evident is her smile lines that have evidently minimized over the years.

Courteney Cox plastic surgery has evidently made her eyes appear brighter, and her skin smooth. The surgery end product is fine and exceptionally natural. She is lucky to have had impressive results from her procedure. On the other hand, some of her fans think that she may perhaps have good make up techniques that give her the subtle look.

Considering Courteney has admitted to only using Botox, whilst the facial features she flaunts nowadays are attributed to more than just Botox use, the next possible answer can only be plastic surgery. Everybody comes across differently every other year, thus it can be possible for a boob to get larger or a butt bigger and rounder as time goes by without the helping hand of a surgeon. Can this be the case with Courteney Cox?