Nikki Mudarris Plastic Surgery Rumors

Nikki Mudarris 2Plastic surgery is becoming the order of the day for many celebrities. This may be because there is a lot of pressure from fans, friends and the media. The world expects of celebrities to look perfect and they have accepted this theory since most of them turn to plastic surgery to enhance their beauty. Nikki Mudarris the famous reality star is one of the celebrities who are rumored to have had plastic surgery. Rumors are saying that she has had butt implants, breast augmentation and a nose job. However, the rumors about her butt implants are more popular compared to the other cosmetic procedures.

When asked about the rumors, Nikki Mudarris was not at least bit embarrassed about shedding some light on the procedures she has had. She has on several occasions admitted to have had a nose job and breast implants. She claimed that she is happy with the procedures and she does not feel like she owes anyone an explanation since she paid for the procedures using her own money. The reality star however denied all the rumors about her having butt implants. She claimed that her behind is natural and that she was ready to have a professional prove it.

There are currently many reviews that have been made regarding Nikki Mudarris plastic surgery procedures. All the reviews agree to the fact that she has had butt implants. Some reviews have even managed to have some professional plastic surgeons explain why it is very possible that the reality star might have had plastic surgery. However, most of the claims from the reviews are yet to be proven. Unless Nikki Mudarris decides to admit she has had this procedure, it is quite impossible to prove it. This however has not stopped the media from making their own speculations.

Nikki Mudarris Transformation

The media has gone one step further and gathered some before and after photographs of Nikki Mudarris which they use as their supportive argument. It is clear from the images that there is a massive appearance difference before and after when she is said to have had the procedure done.

Nikki Mudarris Boob Jobs

Nikki Mudarris’ before and after photos clearly show that she looks different. She looks better with her new nose. The breast implants on the other hand do not seem natural. This according to many reviews might be the reason why she did not have a hard time admitting she had a boob job. However, most people agree that the procedures she got were done well and the doctor she hired is good at the job.

Nikki Mudarris has great and supportive fans who have remained loyal supports even after she admitted to have had plastic surgery. Some fans support the fact that it is her money and she can do whatever she wants with it. Like in many situations, there were fans who were not pleased to find out that the reality star had plastic surgery. All-in-all majority of her fans believe she looks better after cosmetic surgery and care less whether she has butt implants or not.