Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

nicole kidman plastic surgeryNobody likes to grow older and have their once firm skin start to sag. This goes much more for stars who have to compete with younger actors or artists who are gunning for their positions in the lime lit. It is no wonder that they will do anything to keep the attention to themselves including undergoing a host of plastic surgeries to maintain their youthful look. This is the case for actress Nicole Kidman.

At 46 years of age, Nicole seems to be frozen in time and does not have a single wrinkle on her face. When questioned about her smooth, shiny porcelain look, Nicole claimed that she was entirely natural. She admitted to having tried Botox once when she was younger and did not like the outcome so never went back for more. However, her appearance during the 5th Annual power of Women event that was held in Beverly Hills poked a number of holes in that theory. Her face was completely free of any wrinkles and she seemed expressionless while she conversed with fellow actors. Her signature blonde tresses that were pulled back in a ponytail only served to highlight her barely moving face.

She admitted that she had undergone Botox but did not like the results to Italy’s La Repubblica, and insisted that since then, she had moved away from this unfortunate non-surgical procedure to more effective age-expelling tricks. She claimed that her look could be attributed to the fact that she does not smoke, she always wears sunscreen and she takes excellent care of herself. The rumor mills however, did not stop turning at that admission. Her flawless skin face always causes quite a stirrup in most of the social media platforms whenever she makes an appearance. Some have suggested that she has regular Botox injections which gives her, her porcelain, shiny look. It has also been rumored that she may also have had some work done on her body.

Nicole Kidman plastic surgery disaster

Nicole Kidman before and after pictures indicate that she may also have had some work done to enhance her cheeks, lift her eyebrow and even to increase the size of her buttocks. Although this could admittedly be the work of Photoshop, the fact that she refused to admit to the rather obvious work she has done on her face, poses a lot of unanswered questions. She clearly has had a facelift to remove the wrinkles, fillers and regular Botox injections.

Her body has also had some significant changes which have raised a few eyebrows. It was also a subject of much speculation that within a month or so, she had acquired well sized, well-shaped breasts that moved a cup size. She can blame it on working out all she wants but at the age of 46, we at least expect to see some sagging breasts, and hers are as firm and perky as a 20 year Old’s. That is definitely not a part of the natural aging process.

However, even with the holes in her story, the one thing she cannot be faulted for, is her classiness. She walks and speaks with such grace that sometimes it becomes difficult to figure out if her expressions are due to Nicole Kidman genuine feelings, or plastic surgery procedures!