News about Anna Faris plastic surgery

Anna Faris Plastic SurgeryAnna Faris is a famous American actress who was born in 1976. She has starred in different comedies such as I give it a year, the dictator and Yogi Bear. Her vital role in these films has made her career to go a notch higher. Apart from acting, she is also a recognized singer. Nonetheless, Anna has followed in the footsteps of other America celebrities by going through plastic surgery.  In the year 2008, Anna revealed her intention to undergo breast implants surgery because she wanted to feel more womanly. She has also undergone lips surgery to make them fuller and bigger. The lip injection worked a lot of miracles because her lips emerged juicy. The actress also admitted that she has undergone collagen injections to improve her lips and give her the appearance she wanted in different movie roles. The eyebrows also reveal a sign of Botox injections that were performed with the aim of minimizing the wrinkles.

 Anna looked unusual in some of her film series with her nose having a different look from the normal natural nose shape. Her nose looked narrow with the tip looking a little crushed. This normally occurs due to a failed nose job surgery procedure. One of the plastic surgeons explained that her nose shape could be as a result of a rhinoplasty procedure since the tips looked very asymmetric. Making it look perfect could involve a secondary rhinoplasty procedure. In some cases, nose jobs do not end up successfully and her case seemed to be one.

However, just like in most celebrity cases, comparison of before and after photos has been used to create or deny rumors about nose jobs and other plastic surgery and Anna Faris plastic surgery case was not different. Her recent photos and those taken decades ago revealed a big difference that has sparked a lot of speculation’s and controversy in the celebrity’s life. This has led to some believing that either she just has a natural and uniquely shaped nose or had her nose job done before the High School photo was taken. On this basis, some of her fans and the public have argued that Anna Faris just has a defined and very distinct organic nose and that she didn’t undergo nose job.

Anna Faris breast augmentation before and after

In case she had the nose job procedure, then Anna Faris plastic surgery made her nostrils to become smaller with the tips being a little squashed. This has led to some of her fans to consider her nose job plastic surgery not to have been done well. This also led to rumors, gossips and some reports that she had the nose job to get the role she played in different comedy series. These rumors have been reported in some sections of the media and is also common among her some of her fans.

 Anna Faris plastic surgery rumor has not been officially denied by the actress. However, this doesn’t mean the rumors were right or wrong. Whichever the case, it is believed and considered that she needs a secondary surgery to help fix the shape of her nose and make it more refined.