Media Speculations on Kendall Jenner Plastic Surgery

kendall jenner plastic surgeryGetting old is a celebrity’s big nightmare, a part of life that they never wish to go through celebrities try their best efforts to look younger, elegant, sexier and smart at all times. It helps them remain in the limelight and attract more fans as they sell their image as a persuasive way of reaching a wider world stage.

Kendall Jenner plastic surgery continues to be the current rumor spreading in celebrity gossip reality TV and magazines as she occupies most of the radio talk shows and claim that she underwent through the cut in order to look more beautiful. The latest news states that the television personality has so far gone through different plastic surgery procedures even at her tender age. She is only 18 years old and a sibling of Kim Kardasian who is famously known to adore plastic surgery procedures.

A look at Kendall Jenner photos indicates that she underwent through a nose job surgery in order to improve her looks. A January 2014 report indicates that she wanted to look better by changing the shape of her nose although she is naturally beautiful. The stunningly beautiful celebrity went for this procedure secretly as experts claim and a look at her early photos and the current ones taken by journalists as well as paparazzi indicates a total different nose as compared to her early photos in events and television shows. Her nasal tip looks more refined and slightly elevated. There is a difference in the mid portion of her nose which is now in better proportion with the width of her entire nose as well as the entire nostril which now has some improved contours. However other experts have come up openly to dispute the claims stating that a Rhinoplasty takes a little longer to heal and not a short duration stating that Jenner did not undergo the procedure. They claim her change in facial appearance could be as a result of make up.

Kendall Jenner Before and After

Celebrity plastic surgery facts tell it all as her other sibling Kylie Jenner wishes to look smarter and outdo her beauty. Kylie Jenner is also suspected to having had some lip injections and breast implants due to her unique photo going round in Instagram. It’s the battle of the Kardashians as they try hard to outdo each other on who acquires the title “stunningly hot” in the bigger stage. So far Kendall has had both positive and negative reviews and praises. She looks totally different as compared to her looks in the last three years. She has had changes in several areas of her body such as chin, cheeks, lips, breasts and abdomen.

Kendal Jenner plastic surgery has pushed some beauty experts to believe that her looks comes as a cause brought by cosmetic makeups; there is clear evidence that she may have undergone some plastic surgery to acquire some changes. She is still young, looking hot and beautiful as a model and a TV personality but beauty experts claim that she is taking the beauty process and changes too far. While others believe that her breasts are natural, others believe that she went for some breast augmentation procedure to acquire some new looks. This is evident in her latest photos which have been very viral in the social media.