The Rumors Of Marg Helgenberger Plastic Surgeries

Marg Helgenberger 7Marg Helgenberger is best known for her roles in CSI and ER. This actress has gracefully aged, so it would seem. Like many of the Hollywood actresses, she has had plenty of speculations on whether or not she has gone under the knife. And like so many others, she has not said anything if she has or has not gotten anything done. This leaves everything up to speculation but, are Marg Helgenberger plastic surgery rumors true.

Has She Really Aged This Gracefully?

Marg Helgenberger has seemed to have passed through the years without really showing signs of age. She looks pretty good for a woman who is closing in on her sixties which has got many people wondering exactly what has been done to keep her looking this good. She would not be the first celebrity to have had cosmetic surgery, many being half her age. This has caused many rumors to fly especially since her body does not seem to be aging either. With all of the pressure placed on female actresses, it causes too many questions speculating what she has gotten done.

What Could Have Been Done?

Well many believe that she has, in fact, gotten at least a facelift. This is a common surgery given how old she is and the fact that her cheeks are fuller than they should be at this point in her life. This is furthered by the fact that she really does not have the sagging facial skin around her chin and her brows are youthfully alert. Also is possible that she has had some kind of Botox treatments if she has not gone under the knife to keep her youthful glow.

Marg Helgenberger Before And After Botox Treatments

No Obvious Signs of Procedures

The problem with this theory is that she has not had any obvious work that has caused drastic changes in the way she looks. Her forehead has not shown any kind of age since it seems as if she is completely wrinkle free. There is no surgery scar that can be found in any of her photos which means that if she did get work done, her surgeon is really good at hiding their handiwork. Some would argue that the wrinkle free look that she has clearly states that she must be getting some kind of Botox injections. Most celebrities get cheek implants to maintain a look of youth. There is also speculation that she might have had lip implants to fill out her lips.

As far as she is concerned, she has not said anything on whether or not she has had any work done. Many celebrities have to keep up with their looks in one way or another to keep produces using their celebrity name to score huge ratings. Since there is not any before and after photos that would confirm any cosmetic procedure has taken place, we can only speculate how a woman has not really changed the way we would expect her to age. There are far too many similarities between the way she looks in the early 2000s and now to say that she absolutely has not gotten anything done.