Why Madonna Looks So Youthful After Plastic Surgery?

MadonnaMadonna is one of the biggest names in the entertainment world circles. Although her career has been punctuated with controversy after controversy she has emerged as one of the biggest artistes of all time. Madonna is among the highest paid mega stars of our time. The never aging celebrity who turned 55 has time and again vehemently denied making an appointment with a plastic surgeon.

Here is what Madonna has to say about her youthfulness and what the experts think.


The singing sensation was snapped looking all youthful and rather too fresh faced for her age. Madonna was quick to refute claims that she had undergone cosmetic surgery instead credited her new found youthfulness to Kabbalah. The experts begged to differ asserting that Madonna had Botox injected. The rather smooth forehead and frown lines were too smooth for a woman in her 50’s. Signs of a face lift are also evident and volume restoration using either fat transfer or collagen replacer.

Madonna Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job


Although Madonna will not admit to any cosmetic procedure, her fuller face has a different story. In her 40’s the queen of pop has rather hollow cheeks. They have changed over the years and are becoming more hollow as she grows older. She confided to friends that her secret to fuller face was due to her strict macrobiotic diet. This has however been discredited by experts who pin down her new to some cosmetic help. According to the experts chances are high that she has had hyaluronic acid injected in order to lift up her cheeks thus the round apple cheeks. Although it is generally agreed that Madonna’s famous diet may also help.


Madonna was in the news in 2008 when she was photographed with facial bruising that are characteristic of patients who have undergone a lower eyelid procedure. The singing sensation rubbished the allegations stating that she only uses Dr Brandt lineless eye cream. This cream is rich in vitamins C and E that deter signs of ageing.

Experts strongly believe that Madonna may have blepharoplasty. This is an eyelid surgery that is carried out on the upper and lower lids. What is evident is the fact that her upper eye lids are much tighter than when she was young. Experts attest that only surgery can be able to achieve that.


From 1990s rumors have been rife of Madonna’s nose job. Recently the pop star was trying to disguise a dark purple bruising that had all the semblance of a cosmetic procedure with oversized sunglasses.

According to experts Madonna may have had at least one or two nose jobs. Photographs of a younger Madonna show a rather bulbous and heavy nose. It is now sculpted and more pointed. On a nostrils you can be able to see small lines which confirm that indeed she has had surgery.

Lips and Jaws

It is rumored that Madonna lips are fuller thanks to a collagen injection she had in the 90s for Justify My Love’ video. Her most recent photos are testimony enough that her well-formed lips must have been crafted with fillers. Experts agree that Madonna’s the way her upper lips are defined are completely different from when she was young. The firmness of her lips have all the hallmarks of a filler procedure.