Lil Kim’s plastic surgery

Lil Kim plastic surgeryMost Artists and actors change their faces more times than the average person changes clothes. Lil Kim is not to be outdone in this sector. She has had her face and body redone in almost every way from getting skin lightening, lip enhancement, nose job, eye brow lift, chemical peel, breast surgery, filler injections and cheek enhancements. Her latest reveal was done at the Hot 97 Summer Jam in June, when she shocked her fans with a completely different face. Sadly to say, most of the surgery she has undergone, has not been to improve her face, in fact, if anything it has ruined her look even more.

When she first got into the rap industry, Lil Kim was an average looking woman who could not be considered overly beautiful, but she was not hard on the eye. She blazed the trail as one of the few hardcore female rappers, and gained fast recognition for her raunchy lyrics and her sex appeal. She was the perfect example of rags to riches, and quickly established her name as a brand. Then she went under the knife and when she resurfaced, she was a completely different person. Her skin seemed lighter and her nose was slimmer suggesting that she had had a nose job done. Over the years, it seemed that Lil Kim was not satisfied with just a little touch up here and there, and that is when the horror show began.

She seems to have undergone a number of rhinoplasty surgeries (nose jobs) since the first one was done, she has had lip augmentation to make her lips look narrower, cheek augmentation to make her face look broader and fuller, filler injections and botox to remove any signs of wrinkles on her face, boob job to increase the size of her breasts and most recently an eyebrow lift from top to bottom. This particular surgery left her eyebrows looking strikingly uneven, and seemed to distort her face substantially.

Lil Kim before and after facelift

Known for her track record of making bad choices, it is not a surprise that her addiction to plastic surgery has left Lil Kim looking scarier than attractive. This has caused feuds between her and a number of fellow artists who have made comments about her look. A number of talk show hosts have also made reference to her plastic surgery, to which she responded that she did not understand why she was being asked that question, when so many people had undergone surgery in the music industry. She does not seem to think she has overdone her body changes and sadly, she is the only person who can determine when enough is enough.

It is rumored that the rapper/singer may have suffered some sort of nerve or muscle damage due to her numerous cosmetic procedures. She seems to have a problem with the left side of her lower lip, which appears to not be functioning well. Some have suggested that her outrageous dressing and make up choices are to blame for the ghastly appearance. However, there is only so much that clothes and makeup can to a person, not to mention that she also wears colored contact lenses to give her eyes a blue color. At 38 years of age, her bad cosmetic surgery seems to have aged her royally (and sadly, not in a good way).