Kim Kardashian before plastic surgery

Kim Kardashian plastic surgeryKim Kardashian is the second of the Kardashian sisters and is probably the one who has done the most cosmetic surgery. Before she underwent surgery, Kim had very strong attractive features, a round face, a fuller more rounded nose, a fluffy hairline and narrow lips. She was quite attractive and looked very beautiful even without making any changes. However, in recent years, there has been some drastic changes in the face and body of this reality show star. She seems to have a larger ass suggesting butt implants, liposuction on her legs, Botox injections, lip fillers, a rhinoplasty and cheek augmentation.

Over the 6 years since 2006, Kim’s face and body seems to look better than she did when she was younger and lack any wrinkles or lines. Although it is a fact that almost all her photos are airbrushed or tweaked to ensure that her numerous plastic surgery is not too evident, there is only so much that can be done to hide it. After giving birth to her son North, Kim has returned to her pre-pregnancy body, only five months down the line. Although she claims that she has been practicing the Atkins’s Diet and Exercise regimen, it came as no surprise when she was spotted at a cutting edge discreet plastic surgeon. However, Kim has denied having undergone any plastic surgery.

She went so far as to take an X-ray of her buttocks on the Reality Show ’Keeping up with the Kardashians’ to prove that she did not have any implants. However, looking at before photos taken before 2006, it raises quite a number of questions as to where she grew an ass from when it was not there a couple of years back. Some have suggested that she had boob job and liposuction done on her legs and the fat from her legs was added to her hips and thighs to give a rounder, larger butt. Kim however admitted that she tried Botox injections but that was as far as any plastic surgery she had ever tried. This is clearly proven by her face which seems to be frozen in time since she was 28, and she does not have a single wrinkle on her face. She has a very clear porcelain face, and her face generally wears one expression. Looking at photos of Kim Kardashian before plastic surgery, one can easily tell the smile lines that were under her cheeks have been removed to give her face a smoother look.

Kim Kardashian 2006-2010

It is also clear that she has had some work done on her nose to make it narrower and to reduce the size of her bridge. Comparing before and after photos, one can easily see the difference between the broader longer nose she had when she was 25 and the narrower, shorter nose she has in her photos when she is 31.

Although she has been very honest about her procedures, it is difficult to believe a woman who is riddled with a fake reputation. One would be tempted to blame her new look on a great makeup artist, but even the best makeup artist cannot take away every single wrinkle line and pull a hairline back that far. Kim Kardashian has definitely had some cosmetic and surgery done on herself.