Kim Basinger Aging Gracefully or Plastic Surgery?

Kim BasingerGood genes, this is one of the few things that have been attributed to Kim Basinger youthful graceful appearance, but then again doesn’t she look way too youthful? Looking at her photos, there could only be two reasons for her appearance, either she has stumbled on the fountain of youth that is enabling her to age in reverse or she has had some work done. Because we aren’t focusing on myths here, it’s quite obvious the big question that remains is if she has really undergone plastic surgery.

Just to be on the same side, let’s set the record straight. Kim Basinger has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors going around about any plastic surgery. However, her daughter Ireland has hailed her as one of the few women who hasn’t had any work done and she has attributed this to healthy living and exercising. This is something that celebrity plastic surgeons have differed with.

Expert Opinion about her look

According to Dr. Anthony Youn, Kim Basinger at one time looked too plumped with an overall swollen face that suggests facial plumbing. This could be as a direct effect of overdone Botox injections. Dr. Michael Salzhauer , another celebrity plastic surgery specialist shares the same opinion. He specifically pointed out to the fact that she could have had dermal fillers to her face specifically the cheek area. This however just stays as mere speculation given the fact that all this changes are in subtle manners.

Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift

Possible Work Done

Of course as media speculations are still rife with rumors if she has had work done, her photos suggest that she very well could have. Kim Basinger looks strikingly similar if not better than how she looked decades ago. She has a fuller brow area, with a side effect of a slightly dropping eyelid, which is associated with Botox injections. Her nose is more appealing and aligned that it used to be. She might have undergone a facelift and skin tightening given the fact that she has no facial or stress lines on her forehead. Kim Basinger has no sagging skin on the lower chin; in fact it is too youthful and chiseled for it to have stayed intact 30 years later. She may has very well be undergoing regular Botox Injections given that she doesn’t have the naturally occurring parenthesis lines that are caused by frowning and smiling over time. Lastly her cheeks and neck area are way too perfect, full with no indication of someone born in the 1950s. One thing that can be confirmed though is that a few years back she did have some breast implants removed.

Kim Basinger Before Plastic Surgery

However as nothing can be confirmed as yet, many have no option but to treat the rumor as just that, a rumor. Maybe it’s indeed all in the good genes and the collagen treatment that she is so faithful to. Maybe it’s the healthy living and exercising and avoiding too much sun. Nonetheless plastic surgery or not Kim Basinger is aging gracefully, still maintaining her great outlook appearance, more elegant and put together.