Julie Chen plastic surgery

Julie Chen plastic surgeryWhile most artists have no problem admitting when they have a bit of work done, or simply refuse to comment and leave their fans to speculate, Julie Chen denies having undergone any other cosmetic procedure apart from her eye adjustment surgery. This veteran journalist, and the host of the talk show ’The Talks’, admitted that she had undergone plastic surgery on her eyes to change her appearance, and give herself a less Chinese look. This change was fueled when by a comment from her boss during her initial years as a journalist.

She had been working in Dayton, Ohio, when she asked her then boss, if she could apply for a news anchor desk position which had just opened up. He responded by telling her that she would never make it to become a news anchor because she was Chinese. This really struck a chord with the television personality, which later led to her choice to have her eyes widened, so that she looked less like a Chinese. However, besides that small change, which she admitted on Television during the show, she vehemently denies undergoing any other kind of surgery.

In fact, she claims that the transformation people see is caused by her team of expert makeup artists. Every morning for about 45 minutes, Julie Chen sits in her make up artist’s chair and quite literally has her face painted on. This, she claims, has given most the idea that she had had some work done on her nose. However, she categorically denied ever having undergone rhinoplasty, and states that sometimes, the contouring done on her nose is quite heavy, giving the appearance of a nose job. She insists that she has never even worn braces, or had any work done on her teeth.

Julie Chen makeup

To prove that she was in fact being honest about her looks, and to dispel any thoughts of plastic surgery, Julie Chen released photos of herself, without any make up on. When compared her before and after photos, they seem to collaborate her story. However, it could be that she just has an excellent surgeon, who knows how to keep her looking as natural as possible. The television personality admitted that she had undergone plastic surgery after she had received a number of comments from her boss and colleagues, that her Asian features were holding back her career and if she wanted to rise, she should have this altered. This workplace discrimination eventually led her to make the change. She also admitted that after her surgery, her career took a dive for the better and she does not regret it.

However, this beautiful talk show host has received a number of rather disheartening comments from fans who are of the opinion that she has ’given in to the Western standards of beauty’. Some say that she is ’denying her heritage’ and refusing where she comes from. She mentioned that the worst part about it was that the majority of these negative comments, came from people within her own Asian community. However, if indeed she speaks the truth and has not had any work done, this is one woman who has truly aged with grace.