Jessica Lange Plastic Surgery: Did Or Didn’t She?

Jessica Lange

Jessica Phyllis Lange, known to the general public simply as Jessica Lange, is a 65 years old multitalented American actress. She has enjoyed a long and celebrated career in television, theater and film, which has earned her a large number of accolades, including two Oscars. She is currently one of the star of the hit TV show “American Horror Story”, as well as one of many celebrity UN Goodwill Ambassadors

At 65 years old, it was a big surprise when Lange was chosen to be the face of the newly launch of Marc Jacobs’ highly anticipated beauty line, something which definitely put the actress’ appearance on the spotlight, and gave a new momentum to any Jessica Lange plastic surgery rumors. The fact is that Jessica does have a remarkably fresh-looking face for her age, which may create some suspicion about how she maintains her relatively youthful looks. She does, however, also let some signs of aging show on her face now and then, raising doubts about whether or not the beautiful actress has gone “under the knife” or not.

Jessica Lange Before And After Plastic Surgery

Since her hit TV show took her fame to new heights, Jessica Lange plastic surgery rumors have been abundant, with several media outlets citing reputed surgeons, who, while they admit not having worked on her, claim she is showing signs that she has had work done, making quite harsh allegations about her appearance, including that she waited too long to have work done, and that her features make her difficult to cast.

The main allegation about Jessica Lange’s supposed plastic surgery history is that she’s had Botox and a brow lift, which resulted in an overly arched eyebrow and feline, upward tilting eyes, which aren’t normal for her age. However, when comparing her alleged before and after surgery pictures, you can see that Jessica Lange’s eyes have always held those features, if only to a slightly less extreme extent.

Other rumors claim that Lange has had work done around her eyes, more specifically a blepharoplasty, as the actress isn’t showing any sagging or bags in the area, as well as she has undergone a face and neck lift. While her representatives have denied these rumors in the past, the truth is Jessica’s skin has been looking increasingly plump, taught and free of any signs of aging in the latest years, which are all signs that these rumors may be on to something.

At the end of the day, though, Jessica Lange does still look a lot like herself, and she has just been named as the face of a luxury cosmetics brand, which must mean she has at least been doing something right. As for claims that she has been finding it hard to get age-appropriate roles, the fact that her TV show is still a hit, and show continue to be at least for another year, coupled with the number of other projects she’s been linked to also seem to suggest otherwise.

All in all, Jessica Lange is a fabulous actress, and most people admit she looks gorgeous, in spite of any work she may or may not have had done over the last twenty years of her life and career.