Is Nicki Minaj made of plastic?

Nicki Minaj plastic surgery

Onika Tanya Maraj, known to the public by her stage name, Nicki Minaj, is a 31 years old rapper and singer, as well as songwriter, actress and TV personality. She has sold over 5 million copies of her various musical projects since her debut album was released, back in 2010, and has broken many records and received many awards since, both as a female artist and rapper. Minaj is known not only for her music and influence, but also for her outlandish looks, especially colorful and risqué outfits, makeup, plastic surgery and wigs, which have led her to become a fashion icon and a face for several big name brands’ campaigns, like Adidas, Pepsi and MAC Cosmetics.

It seems only natural for someone with an outlandish, doll-like look to have had plastic surgery, and many comment on the possibility of Minaj having enhanced several of her assets to become famous, but has the rapper actually done it? Minaj was very secretive about herself in the beginning of her career, so when photos of her before fame became public, the media and the masses automatically pointed out a generous derriere and cleavage which seem to have magically appeared when she became the character we know today.

Nicki Minaj plastic blonde

Nicki has denied or refused to comment when faced with rumors of having butt implants, but many point out the much flatter backside that can be seen in her before and after photos, and a friend has also reportedly confirmed that the rapper’s butt is the result of plastic surgery. Likewise, her breasts are much bigger and rounder now than they were before she became a celebrity, and not in a way she could have just grown into.

While more controversial, there are also some rumors about Nicki’s facial appearance. While the possibility of a rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, seems possible when looking at her straight, elegant nose, that is now in the place of a bigger, more bulbous version that graced her face as a teenager, rumors of a chin lift or skin lightening are harder to back. In any case, Nicki Minaj has, as with other areas, denied having undergone any plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures on her face.

Minaj, who was recently a judge on the TV singing competition “American Idol”, has used her doll-like makeup look to explain the changes on her face, even going as far as citing RuPaul’s TV show, “Drag-race” as an example of how makeup, namely contour, a shading technique which is popular among “drag queens”, can help you achieve the illusion of severe changes to your face.

Whether or not her slimmed nose is a result of her heavy, but expertly applied, makeup, her body changes are certainly harder to explain. However, although some are reportedly commenting on Minaj having had some rather costly, expert help to achieve her look, the truth is, no professional has gone on the record to point out that the rapper, who has recently been venturing into acting, has had any of her natural assets surgically enhanced or altered.

And with Minaj’s outlandish looks and secretive character, it is unlikely that the public will ever know for sure which of her features she was or not born with.