Is Breast Plastic Surgery The New Trend?

In today’s world, a lot of people have beaten all odds in their quest for beauty. This has grown so immensely that surgery has been given a lot of consideration. Breast surgery or boob job has become a growing trend among women who want to look appealing and attractive. However, there are different reasons which may lead to breast surgery.

Breast plastic surgery comes in different dimensions so as to satisfy the patient’s preferences and tastes.

Breast lift surgery also known as Mastopexy is one among the various options available. This plastic surgery is aimed at raising and ensuring the breasts are more firm. Mastopexy involves removing the excessive skin and tightening the tissues and muscles surrounding the breast. Excessive skin may be caused by factors such as: pregnancy. Aging, breast feeding and at times it can be hereditary. However, Mastopexy does not allow for change in breast size or making the breast round.

For those who want their breast enlarged and put breast implants, breast augmentation surgery is the option to go for. This breast plastic surgery procedure ensures the breast becomes full through the addition of muscles and tissues and then tightening the additional muscles. However, there are those patients who will prefer smaller firm breasts. It is advisable for them to combine, breast lift and breast augmentation plastic surgeries.

Men are not left out in breast plastic surgery. Those men suffering from gynecomastia have to undergo breast reduction exercise. For a breast plastic surgery to be performed, it costs a fortune thus explaining why only the well off undergo the procedure. Normally, breast reductions for men costs $3400 while a breast augmentation costs $3800 and for a breast lift, it goes for $4200. However, the exorbitant prices are not the only diminishing factors. The procedure and the after effects are also severe. During breast plastic surgery exercise, an anesthetic has to be used to induce sleep. This comes along with its side effects which may include: heart complications, breathing problems such as pneumonia and also reaction to other drugs.

During breast plastic surgery, risks of infections and bleeding may be experienced. These effects might turn out to be so fatal and may end up causing death. The side effects may not end there as they will prolong and be part of a patient’s life. In most cases, complications in breast feeding may occur. This can be caused by the uneven positions of the nipples. Uneven nipples might be caused by the fact that the breasts might turn out to have different size and shape. Scars left after surgery are a major side effect and in some cases these scars do thicken thus failing to heal. In some cases, the effects of breast plastic surgery might reach a point where there is leakage of the implant.

Physical side effects are not only the diminishing factors as the patient might be adversely affected emotionally. This happens when a patient thinks that their breast did not come out as they wanted. The people’s reaction may also cause a psychological break down since not everyone will accept the new look. However, after breast plastic surgery, it is important to follow the surgeon’s piece of advice to the letter for guaranteed recuperation and success. Massage is one of the key procedures to ensure that the breast plastic surgery is a success. This should only be done at the surgeon’s prescription. Massaging the new pair of breast assists in avoiding the hardening of the capsule surrounding the breast. Wearing surgical bras is also a key step towards success in breast plastic surgery. This ensures that the breast takes the perfect shape.

Boob job is mainly common with celebrities. They perform these breast implants in a bid to ensure their perfect body shape is maintained. The list of female celebrities rumored to have undergone breast plastic surgery is endless. Such celebrities are the likes of: Cameron Diaz, Hayden Panettiere, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Hudson just to mention but a few. True to say, these women are very appealing and attractive too. They truly depict the saying that “Looks are deceiving”. They have taken care of the implants that they might be mistaken for natural breast.

However much breast plastic surgery brings exemplary results, it is also risky and should be carried out on the proper conditions.

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  • Besides a good push-up bra, there is no cream or herbal riutal that will lift your breast unfortunately. The only option is a breast lift.If your tummy has loose extra sagging skin’ that does not respond to exercise, then you would need a tummy tuck.Getting the stomach and breast done after birthing ALL of your children is called a “Mommy Makeover”, because those are the areas most affected after pregnancy. I feel your disappointment, as I am a mommy of three. My youngest (and last) child is 19 months and I am getting my boobs done in April. I can’t afford to get my stomach done until 2012 when I should have the money saved up (yup, I have that extra saggy skin that does not respond/shrink even though I do 120 sits ups 5 times a week along with my other stomach exercises).Good Luck and Best Wishes!!

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