Is Beyonce Plastic Surgery False Or True

Beyonce plastic surgeryNews of celebrities going under the knife to gain a new look is no longer new. The surgery business seems to be booming with new celebrities walking in and out of the operating room. There reasons are numerous and the results, well some end up great while some are not so great after all. The American singer, songwriter and actress, Beyonce Knowles happens to have dropped in at the surgeons’ too. The founding member of the singers’ group Destiny child seems to have had a nose job plastic surgery done on her. Like most celebrities, she has not said it out loud but a speculation has it that it’s true. Her reasons for doing rhinoplasty are not clear but like many celebrities, she might have done it for aesthetic purposes.

Beyonce plastic surgery has attracted a lot of reactions. It has already been revealed that the singer has undergone different plastic surgery procedures to make her what she is today. Her increase in the size of body and breast is not attributed to weight gain. The singer has engaged some of the best plastic surgeons to completely alter her looks. If you are a keen observer, you will concur that her breast look unnaturally bigger especially if you compare her before and after pictures . If you take a look at photos taken in the past decade and the most recent ones, there is a clear indication that Beyonce Knowles has undergone plastic surgery.

Her new nose was a big improvement from the previous one which had a wider bridge and a bulbous tip. The new sophisticated nose has a much narrower bridge and the tip is more projected and smaller at the same time. Comparing pictures of Beyonce’s nose job and those from before, you can clearly see the huge success of her surgery. Her face looks much better making her prettier. The celebrity is definitely better that how she was before. Her beauty and elegant looks are being envied by many other singers and actors in USA.

Beyonce before and after breast implants

Beyonce plastic surgery is not news to the world. Whispers have it that she has had a boob job and maybe even a butt implant. The television personality had very small natural breasts but after the implants she gained full, round and firm breasts that were a couple of cups larger which could only be explained through surgery. Other than most celebrities, Beyonce’s nose job and any other surgery done on her has completely brought out her amazing body.

One cannot judge the celebrities for their decision to undertake plastic surgery. The pressure in the industry may be more than you think thus forcing them to conform and do what everyone else seems to be doing. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to tell out who has his or her natural look and who went under the knife to gain a new look. Either way, everyone wants to look and feel good and be appreciated for their looks. Maybe that is the reason for huge numbers of celebrities trying to get under the knife.