Info about Getting a Nose Job

Most people have felt dissatisfied about a specific part of their bodies and this can be frustrating if the body part is on your face because it gives people the first impressions about yourself. It is essential that it looks attractive. Cosmetic surgery procedures give us the opportunity to transform any part of the body that does not look the way we want. For example, if you do not like the way your nose is shaped or its size, you can consult with a cosmetic surgeon to perform a nose job plastic surgery. This is also referred to as Rhinoplasty.

You can also have this procedure performed if you have problems with breathing or if you suffered an accident that broke your nose making it appear crooked. Rhinoplasty is also performed to correct congenital defects of the nose. There are two main surgical techniques used to perform Rhinoplasty. The first one works from inside the nostrils and the second one involves making small incisions across the nostrils to reach the cartilage and nasal bone. In both techniques, cosmetic surgeons break the nasal bone so that they can set it accordingly.

When performing a nose job, cosmetic surgeons can also remove pieces of bone and cartilage and shape them in order to shorten or lengthen a nose. They can also do this to widen or narrow the nostrils. Rhinoplasty can also be performed to reshape the angle of the nose. Plastic surgeons may utilize prosthetic devices and the cartilage of a patient to get the desired look.

When a nose job is being performed, patients are can be put under general or local anesthesia. The recovery time from the surgery usually involves a few days of rest time. The appearance of the nose immediately after the procedure is done may be unfavorable due to swelling and bruising. This swelling and bruising can persist for a number of months especially at the tip of the nose. It subsides once the nose is fully healed and it is expected that the patient will be pleased with the results.

There are many celebrities who have had a nose job done to perfect their looks. Examples include Tyra Banks, Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively. Jennifer Aniston also had a nose job done to rectify a deviated septum. Lindsay Lohan has also had Rhinoplasty and other cosmetic procedures like botox injections on her cheeks and lips performed.

Other celebrities who have had their noses reconstructed to enhance their looks include Heidi Montag, Beyonce and Nicole Kidman. These stars look better after undergoing Rhinoplasty but some celebrities like La Tonya Jackson and Jennifer Grey have not had good results. For instance, Jennifer Grey’s nose job altered her appearance negatively to the point of people not recognizing her. She has also failed to get some acting jobs due to her nose job.

It is absolutely essential to have Rhinoplasty performed by an experienced and trustworthy cosmetic surgeon to prevent disastrous results. 

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