Importance and Effects of Lip Implants

Lip implants are typical plastic surgery procedure carried on your lips. It is concerned cosmetic or non-surgical procedure which improve the physical appearance of your lips. To undergo this typical procedure a person must be of good health. This procedure helps one to improve his lip looks through filling and increasing of the lips or reducing them surgically. This is a common practice among many people in the community. It has been enhanced due to the diversification of medical technology. Lip implants medical experts in this field offer different consultations regarding to a particular type of implant that a patient wants.

Types and costs of lip implants

There are many types of lip implants in the medical field. The type of medical procedure, lip implants also depends with the type of procedure a patient wants.

Refilling of the lips to improve their size will involve both non-surgical and surgical procedures. Nonsurgical involves injecting of fats into the lip sections of the patient. They include Artecoll which is a procedure of applying synthetic plastic over your lips and Collagen, which involves injecting fat into your lips from an animal fat deposit. Finally, the most common one is Autologen. This is a procedure which involves injecting your own fats extracted from another part of your body.

Apart from non surgical procedures, there is a surgical implant. This includes Alloderm and Fat Grafting. They both involve procedures of implanting fats into your lips to gain the required fullness. These procedures should be carried by respected medical practitioners.

Costs incurred during these procedures whether non-surgical or surgical, are affordable to many people. They range from $300-$5000 included are medical prescriptions, doctor’s fees and other services involved during the procedures.

Risks involved

Every medical procedure has complications associated with them. Patients may get different results from their initial expectations. Surgical implants can have diverse effects during medical procedures. From implanting of fatty solids into your lips can cause different reactions in your body. A patient may have incompatible aspects with the type of fats injected with or covered with. These may cause different allergic reactions with patient. This can also cause some serve internal bleeding which can affect other organs or body nerves. Also it can affect or damage nerves that surround lip linings and fatty deposits around the body.

Many celebrities have done these particular procedures. Angelina Jolie, Meagan Fox, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Cox are among the famous celebrities who have had lip implants to improve their appearance and size.

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