How Chemical Peels are used in Plastic Surgery

Chemical Peels are a form of cosmetic surgery in which chemical solutions are applied to the skin in a controlled pattern in order to create a younger and smoother skin appearance. When the chemical solutions are applied, they kill the skin cells in the area used. The dead cells later slides and peels off, leaving behind new skin cells with an improved appearance. It is a way to get rid of the wrinkles, scars, spots and the uneven skin tones in certain parts especially the face, leaving you with a young looking and smooth skin. These wrinkles and folds are usually caused by sunburns, aging or acne condition and are most common in women. Currently, celebrity and model women in the entertainment/film industry are taking to chemical peels to improve their face appearance and look younger.

There are different types of chemical peels used currently. These include alpha hydroxy acid, trichloroacetic acid, Jessner’s, phenol, beta hydroxy acid and retinoic acid peels among others. The nature and extent of the skin disorder to be treated determines the type of peel to be used for good results. The extent and depth to which the skin depends more on the type of chemical peel used, determined by the concentration of the acid, chemical coats to be applied and the time the chemical takes on the skin. Though some of these chemical solutions for peeling can be bought and used without any medical help, it is important that one consults with a professional like plastic surgeon, dermatologist or esthetician for advise on the best chemical peel to use and how best to use it. The type of peel differs from one person to another. So you should rely on what your friend or relative is using, the results wouldn’t be the same.

The chemical peels are categorized according to their depth of skin penetration. Superficial peels are used on the skin surface, above the epidermis. Medium peels penetrate deeper than the superficial ones, with trichloroacetic acid the main component. Deep peels penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin dermis, causing more damage. Phenols fall in the group of deep layers. The cost of chemical peels varies from one location and doctor to another. It is determined by the skills, training and experience of the doctor, the type of chemical peel done and the time the procedure takes. Anesthesia fees and medical prescriptions may constitute additional costs.

Celebrities especially in Hollywood have embarked on using chemical peels to shave off their years and look younger and smoother. It is easy to notice the facial appearance changes by comparing the before and after pictures of the celebrities, though some may deny they haven’t used peels. Some of the most known or rumored to have used chemical peels include Christie Brinkley, Cameron Diaz, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Susan Sarandon. They get a new baby-face smooth face and look relatively younger than their actual ages.

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