Has Leona Lewis gotten nose job plastic surgery?

Leona Lewis

Leona Louise Lewis  is British singer born on 3 April, 1985. She rose to fame by winning the third season of the UK’s most successful singing competition, “The X Factor” in 2006, where she won over Britain with her amazing vocal range and simple, sunny personality. Leona wowed the world with her debut album, featuring the hit song “Bleeding Love“, and a cover of Snow Patrol’s “Run“. After a couple of less successful albums, Leona has parted ways with her former management and is now back to music for Christmas 2013 with her “Christmas, With Love” album.

Leona Lewis has led a relatively quiet life since becoming famous, maintaining her low-key attitude and sunny personality, and avoiding rumors and controversy as much as possible.

However, the singer has been hit with rumors and criticism concerning her appearance back in 2011, as it’s been rumored Lewis has had a rhinoplasty, most commonly known as a nose job. The rumor spread quickly in April when Leona appeared on television to perform, sporting a more risqué and sleek appearance, complete with a slimmer looking nose. Fans were quick to react, taking their commentary to Twitter, where the rumor became a trending topic.

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Although anyone could point of that Leona’s nose is looking slimmer, especially at the bridge, with a smaller, more defined tip, the main source that fueled the rumor seems to have been a comment made by fellow “X Factor” winner, Steve Brookstein, on Twitter.

At the time, the singer’s representatives were quick in trying to shut down the rumors, going as far as sending comments to the top English tabloids. While a valiant effort, it wasn’t enough to shut the media and fans commenting on Leona’s new appearance up. While the media seemed unhappy about Lewis’ departure from her “girl next door” image, most of the comments went to her fashion choices, and not so much to the appearance of her face. Fans and specialists, meanwhile, applaud the Leona Lewis nose job plastic surgery, if any was actually performed, praising her more sophisticated appearance.

One of Leona’s fiercest defendants was “Fashion Police” star Kelly Osbourne, who slams the surgery rumors as “mean”, calling the “Bleeding Love” singer “beautiful, in her weekly magazine column.

Another rumor concerning Lewis’s change in appearance is that she might have had boob job. Her bosom could be surgically enhanced with breast implants, as she displayed a firm, nicely sized neckline with her new style. This rumor was shut down by her publicist as well, and it isn’t referred to as much as her nose job. In fact, the appearance of her chest might just have been enhanced by her new, more daring sense of style.

Leona, herself, has never commented on either of these plastic surgery rumors, and it’s unlikely that she would. However, it is probable that the rumors are just that, speculation, as specialists comment that a nose job could be a highly risky procedure for a singer to have, especially one of her caliber, making it thus doubtful that the singer would go through with it. In any case, Lewis seems to be somewhat reverting back to her older, sweeter style, as she was recently spotted wearing her hair curly, a trademark of her “X Factor” days.