Facts About Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery

Lee Min Ho plastic surgeryLee Min Ho is one of the few Korean celebrities who have publicly admitted to having undergone plastic surgery procedure. Having come to the showbiz limelight due to his role in the TV series ‘Boys over Flowers‘, his, can be called a success story with most of his fans not complaining. This could be mostly attributed to the fact that the results after the surgery are quite satisfactory.

Plastic surgery is a field in medicine that is involved in the correction of appearance of body parts. Though most plastic surgery is done for purposes of reconstruction of body parts and treatment of burns, the best known kind of surgery is cosmetic surgery. This is surgery that is only intended for the purposes of enhancing appearance. Cosmetic plastic surgery is taken in different perspectives by different people. Some consider it to be morally wrong while some do not see the problem with it. It is for this reason that most celebrities who undergo this procedure are reluctant to go public with this information.

Though he has only specifically admitted to a rhinoplastynose job (a surgery to improve the shape of the nose) a closer look at his before and after pictures suggests that he has gone under the knife a few more times. First of all Asians have small compact faces with accentuated features however in Lee’s case, his face is fuller with his bone structure not being visible. For a Korean to succeed in this he would have to have gained quite a few pounds. Since Lee has not added any significant weight, the only logical conclusion is that he has undergone further surgery.

Lee Min Ho before and after nose job plastic surgery

Another area that is questionable is still on his face, specifically his eyes. Koreans have deep inset eyes which is also what you can see from Lee’s before photos. His after photos however show a totally different scenario. His eyes seem larger and the most logical explanation for this is that he may have gone for yet another surgery. The eyelid surgery is in fact the most common surgery in Korea and most of Asia. They undergo it to get double eyelids like the Caucasians. This is most likely also one of the Lee Min Ho plastic surgery procedures that Lee has gone through.

There are also other notable differences. These can however be granted the benefit of doubt since they could be just an altered perception of the rest of Lee’s face after a nose job was done on him. If for example you take a closer look at his mouth in the before and after photos, you will note that previously his mouth used to stick out more as compared to the current photo. This could suggest though not beyond any reasonable doubt that Min Ho may have undergone the cosmetic plastic surgery procedure known as liposuction.

It is not in our place though to judge the morality of plastic surgery for improvement of appearance. We can not however refute the advances it has helped us to make in the medical field for purposes of reconstructing organs for victims of accidents or fires. In the end every one of us has his opinion concerning cosmetic plastic surgery.