Examining the facts behind Adrienne Maloof plastic surgery

Adrienne Maloof plastic surgeryAdrienne Maloof is a recognized television personality. Apart from being a shoe designer she is also recognized as a philanthropist. She is one of the owners of Maloof companies. Her success in business has made a remarkable impact in her lifestyle and today she features in the list of renowned personalities who have gone through plastic surgery. Born on September 4th 1961, Adrienne is also a co-owner of Palms casino resort. Her love of plastic surgery became evident when she married Paul Nassif, a renowned plastic surgeon. She is highly regarded as one of the multi talented business women able to achieve high popularity in the industry worldwide. However, her celebrity life has not been separated from controversial issues such as plastic surgery and nose job.

The celebrity has recently become a hot subject for fans of plastic surgery. It has been reported that she has undergone different plastic surgery procedures to improve her appearance. Apart from nose job, Adrienne is reported to have undergone Botox injection, fillers and brow lift. This is very evident if you take a cursory comparison of her before and after photos.

Adrienne Maloof has been widely accused of having nose job and other plastic surgery procedures. Adrienne Maloof plastic surgery rumors came to life when some of her photos were examined by different people and celebrity followers. Some of her older photos and recent photos taken almost at the same angle were examined and they noted definite changes on her face as well as her nose. Her older photos depicted her as a piggy girl with wider nose but she had a thinner nose on the recent photos with the Nose Bridge and tip looking to have undergone some experienced cosmetic procedures.

Adrienne Maloof before and after plastic surgery

Despite these numerous accusations and rumors about her plastic surgery and nose job, there is little evidence that can officially be used to confirm that. Even though it may seem that Adrienne Maloof got herself a nose job since her nose look like it was slimmed down, some of her fans believe that her nose still looks like it is a little bit out of place and doesn’t complement her face. When comparing her younger photos to the latest ones, it seems like the wide and revealing grins have totally been replaced toothy but less gunny smiles.

In the recent functions that she has attended, there was a lot of speculation among the present audience as well as journalists accusing her of having breast implants. Her nice breast shape looked rounded to indicate they have undergone surgery. It was a clear indication that the surgery must have been well done and was successful. It was not only her breasts but also her nose job was rumored during this event. However, anyone can make speculation towards the truth or false of Adrienne Maloof plastic surgery. This has not changed the fact that many people still admire her beautiful face in her new appearance. Despite the numerous rumors and controversy, the plastic surgery has really done a good job on her body.