Did Tara Lipinski Really Get Plastic Surgery?

Tara Lipinski plastic surgeryMost celebrities undergo plastic surgery in order to remain relevant in the brutally competitive entertainment industry. With regard to this, the Tara Lipinski Plastic surgery is hardly a surprise. Often described as a cosmetic surgery junkie, the 1982 born star, whose first love is skating, has been the subject of various debates on whether cosmetic surgery enhances one’s beauty or not. Therefore, we are going to analyse the Tara Lipinski plastic surgery with regard to the various procedures undergone, the truths, myths and outright lies plus the public opinion aroused by the procedure. Additionally, we are going to contrast the expected results from the surgery with the actual outcome.

Numerous beauty analysts argue that Tara has undergone several nose jobs. However, instead of enhancing her beauty, her initial nose jobs were simply disastrous from a visual perspective. This is because the nose surgery resulted in her nose looking extremely unnatural. In addition to being oddly thin, her nose seemed unstable and could be easily knocked off her face. As a matter of fact, to most individuals, describing the outcome of her initial surgical procedures as catastrophic is simply an understatement. Only by looking at before and after pictures can one fully comprehend the extent to which her initial nose jobs failed to achieve their desired beauty enhancing effect. Conversely, they greatly reduced her overall visual appeal. Nonetheless, Miss Lipinski underwent several correctional procedures to correct the harm done by the initial rhinoplasty procedures.

Like most celebrities Lipinski is rumoured to regularly undergo Botox injections. Due to their minimal intrusive nature, it is very difficult to verify whether one has undergone the procedure or not. Since no direct confession has been forthcoming from the holywood sports damsel, the involvement of Botox injections in the Tara Lipinski plastic surgery remain to be an unconfirmed rumor. However, those who claim that Tara underwent and still undergoes Botox injections point to several facts as their evidence. First and foremost, they allege that her ever smooth and tout skin is a clear indication that she undergoes Botox injections. The fact that her skin is without blemish is undeniable and can be clearly seen from before and after photos. Nonetheless, it can also be argued that her excellent skin is a result of adequate exercise and a good diet given that miss Tara is a reputable sportswoman.

Tara Lipinski after nose job

Furthermore, some individuals sensationally claim that Tara Lipinski underwent lip job as well as a facelift in a bid to enhance her already above average facial beauty. From before and after photos it is quite clear that Miss Lipinski’s lips appear relatively fuller and juicier. Whether this lip modification makes her prettier or not is debatable. Her more visible facial features and the absence of wrinkles indicate that Miss Tara may have undergone a facelift. In addition to enhancing her facial appearance, Tara is alleged to have undergone breast augmentation to enhance her general body sensual appeal. Despite this boob job improvement, some people argue that her bigger breasts don’t necessarily make her sexier.

Opinionatively, the Tara Lipinski plastic surgery is extremely divisive. It draws support and criticism in an almost equal measure. To some, the Tara after the surgeries is more beautiful while to others the ’improved’ Tara is simply an less attractive version of the original Tara Lipinski.