Did Sofia Vergara have plastic surgery?

Sofia Vergara plastic surgerySofia Margarita Vergara, known professionally as Sofia Vergara, is a 41 year old Colombian actress, model and TV personality. She was first known as a TV presenter in Latin countries, but has achieved more success by starring in several movies. Sofia’s biggest achievements come from her starring role in the TV series “Modern Family”, which has earned her several Golden Globe, Emmy and Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations, as well as the title of “Highest Paid TV Actor” in the US, for the past two years.

Every inch the curvy Latin beauty, Sofia is known for her enviable body and shape, being considered one of the sexiest women in American TV and film, even as she reached the age of 40. Her looks have helped her from a young age, leading her to a successful career in modeling and television in her mother land of Colombia, and landing her the role of the sexy Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, in the hit comedy series “Modern Family”.

Sofia, who is engaged to businessman Nick Loeb and has a 21 years old son, Manolo, takes full advantage of her looks, both in her profession and in business dealings, so it’s only natural that she might have undergone some cosmetic procedures to maintain her looks as she is getting older. The most common rumor concerning Sofia’s appearance and the possibility of her having plastic surgery are about her breasts. The Colombian bombshell has a fairly big and voluminous bosom, which tends to get people wondering if she was born with it or has gone for a boob job.

did sofia vergara get breast implants plastic surgery

Although Sofia isn’t shy when talking about plastic surgery, she denies having a breast implants, saying that her breasts were always big, that she had considered a reduction, but not been allowed to go through with it, and even complaining that her breast size makes it hard to find suitable clothing. In reality, however, although she did have a large breast in her earlier modeling pictures, before and after photos shows overly large and rounded in pictures from the latest years. And even if she won’t admit to tinkering with her cup size, which could just be a result of poor dress choices, although many would disagree, Sofia admitted in 2012 that she plans on having cosmetic procedures done to her chest in the future, explaining that she will consider having her breasts lifted, and that she might even take them out completely when she’s older.

If her breasts are the main point of contention in the argument of whether Sofia Vergara’s sexy and youthful appearance was God’s or the surgeon’s gift, with fans defending the first option, while media speculate on the second, the actress has been rumored to have undergone several other procedures.

Her rumored procedures include liposuction to remove some excess skin in her belly area, which is a common procedure for new moms, which is not Sofia’s case. Also, some seem to think she has tinkered with her face, using Botox to look younger, and also gone for a nose job to make her bulbous nose thinner. None of these, however, seem overly plausible for a woman who won’t deny considering the procedures, but who also admits she doesn’t believe that a surgeon’s hands can make her look any younger.

Sofia Vergara may not have had plastic surgery yet, but the thyroid cancer survivor will never say never.

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