Did Sean Patrick Flanery Have A Facelift?

Sean-Patrick-Flanery-plastic-surgerySean Patrick Flanery has come to be known as one of the greatest actors because of his history and role in movies. His fame shot up when he acted in Young Indiana Jones Chronicles motion picture. Fans who have watched this picture are moved by the talent manifested by this actor. He has also featured in emotional and action movies such as Crystal River of the year 2009, All Saints Day and Deadly Impact. His talents are unmatched when he gets on stage and most fans are thrilled for long and keep looking forward to the next release.

Rumors on Sean Patrick Flanery plastic surgery have become a centre of focus especially in social media and among his fans. Fans believe that his face and eyes are swollen more than when he appeared on the first movie. The photos circulating in the media appear to strongly support this assertion. It is unclear whether the facelift and cheek implants were really carried out effectively and the future impacts on the actor.

Those who saw Flanery in early actions such as Young Indiana Jones Chronicles are dismayed at the sudden changes in his face. Some fans argue that they cannot easily recognize him because of major changes on his face. A comparison of before and after pictures shows his face swollen and eyelids a little raised. His character is however largely unchanged as Flanery appears energetic to thrill his fans even more. Though some followers believe that the actor has undergone cosmetic surgery, a large proportion do not subscribe to the ideology.

Sean Patrick Flanery Eyelid surgery

Though modern media have indicated their inclination to the theory on Sean’s plastic surgery, he has clearly put them off. In an exclusive response to media claims that he underwent cosmetic procedures, he indicates that he has never contemplated of taking such a move. This is however no different from what most celebrities who undergo cosmetic surgery say. They always ignore the claim or strongly deny having undergone such procedures. However, one exception that has stood out is that of Heidi Montag who indicated to have had ten cosmetic procedures. It is the believe of most celebrity fanatics that many celebrated personalities undergo some form of facelift, lips implants or breast augmentation for them to get the allure they have in front of the camera.

The argument that Flanery lacks utmost trust in his outlook is considered unacceptable especially by fans for turning to artificial looks. People who are natural are believed to deliver greater enjoyment to fans at all times. This contrast will however remain a deep separation line as actors hold their secrets so close to their hearts. Sean Patrick Flanery’s plastic surgery is similarly no different. Fans must however contend with some facts about human growth and technological effects. First, though the pictures used to justify the facelift of Sean Patrick Flanery no doubt point at key differences; there are other factors that can lead to such changes. Changes in diet, lifestyle activities such as exercise and psychological considerations can cause such shifts. This coupled with denial from Flanery makes it even more difficult to establish the truth and therefore it remains simply a speculation.


  • Kinda like cheating.wonder what he would look like with none. I'm older and didn't have any and I'm fine.I mean he's an person who I thought helped others to except themself but is this a way cause he has the money and they don't . let me down on this. Not honest with himself or others. He did look break BDS but the second he should have waited for the swelling to go down. I guess money buys anything.the next he might not be so lucky. Looks like the older u get the worse it looks and ur body don't handle the stress as well.

  • He will always be sexy as hell no matter what. Sean is my celebrity crush and it is not just is looks… His sense of umor makes him that much sexier.

  • I think he looks just fine……