Dermal fillers as a form of Plastic Surgery

Dermal fillers are products that are injected into the skin in order to correct scars, lines of wrinkles, depressions and folds in the surface of the skin. These wrinkles and depressions usually appear as a result of aging, especially in women age 45 years and above. It is a non-surgical procedure used to correct such conditions and bring back a youthful appearance to the various parts of the skin. As one ages, the face loses volume leading to the folds and wrinkles. The fillers therefore become the best way to improve the shape and appearance of the face or lift it for better and younger appearance.

The common areas of the face that require dermal fillers for a face lift include the lips, chin, cheeks, wrinkles, brows, nose, eyebags or tear troughs, mouth corners and nasolabial folds (the lines between the nose and mouth). These areas are filled in order to compensate for the lost facial volume ensuring one can a younger facial appearance naturally without having to go for risky surgeries. There are different types of dermal fillers according to the duration of use. Temporary fillers usually last a period of between 2 to 24 months before they start dissipating while permanent or semi-permanent fillers last a much longer time. The temporary fillers are preferred and in most cases recommended to patients in order to avoid the complications involved in permanent fillers. The complications can be serious such as lumps or infections.

The temporary correction uses natural dermal fillers, where products derived naturally from the body are used to lift the face areas. The most common component used is the hyaluronic acid which is natural and the results are immediate. However, they are temporary and have to be redone again after the period. Synthetic fillers are permanent while others are semi-permanent, lasting more than 2 years. Since they are permanent, their side effects may also be permanent making it more risky. There are numerous dermal filler products used and there is none which is best for anyone. Each product has some amount of risks and it depends purely on your specific face needs and the doctor’s level of skill, training and experience in the procedure. The cost of dermal filler also depends on the individual’s facial needs and requirements.

Several celebrities are now turning to dermal fillers to improve their appearances and look younger than they should be. Some have come out to accept they indeed had filler though some have not accepted or denied. Comparing the before and after pictures of the celebrities, it is easier to notice the differences in their new looks. Some of the celebrities who have used dermal fillers or are rumored to have used it are Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Marie Adams, Lindsay Lohan and others. Dermal fillers have actually become the solution to aging for many celebrities and models across the world.

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