Do you know the Secret behind Cher’s Youthful Appearance?

Cher plastic surgery

Cher also known as Cherilyn Sarkisian is a renowned US singer, actor, director and producer born on 20th May 1946. Putting up her solo act, she has sold over 100 million record tracks worldwide with her 1999 “Believe” making her more popular. This pop goddess has also received quite a number of awards like in the Oscar’s, Grammy’s, Golden globe awards, film festival awards and the Emmy’s. The 1987 “moonstruck” film saw her winning the best actress in the academy awards. At 68 years today, Cher definitely looks younger and more attractive than her age. This can be attributed to the fact that she is also considered the hugest fan of plastic surgery.

Cher’s plastic surgery procedures are out in the open because she openly admits the miracle these procedures have done to her career life. Well, of course she denies a few like having cheek implants and a rib removed. When the plastic surgery poster girl first took to the knife, she was undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure. The reason why she might have done this was because she thought her nose was too big. She reached this decision after she saw herself for the first time on the screen and “I looked at myself up there on that screen and thought. I am all nose” were here words.

Cher plastic surgery before and after

The trend for Cher’s plastic surgery procedures picked up from that point. Thereafter, she gave birth to her baby Chastity and thought her breasts got much larger after delivery. Her breast augmentation was done to prevent deflation, a sight she could not wait to bear. The results from her breast implants surgery were rather impressive because she got back fuller breasts and to date, Cher is not shy to wear revealing clothes and flaunt them, together with her flat tummy that underwent a liposuction procedure, during her performances.

She also underwent a laser surgery to erase some of her tattoos. For her age, Cher’s forehead and eyes are too smooth and fine. This owes to the fact that she might have undergone a couple of Botox injections and peel treatments. She also underwent both lower and upper blepharoplasty surgery to get rid of the fat that created bags under her eyes and on her eyelids. This same procedure removes any extra skin and wrinkles that would look like signs of aging.

Cher looking great after plastic surgery

Cher’s plastic surgeries have changed quite a lot in her look from how she was in her younger years. This includes an eyebrow lift that makes her brow stand a little higher than before. Her nose job was able to do her some justice because the new slimmer, thinner and pinched version has since matched her facial features. Thanks to Cher plastic surgery once again, her facelift has made her jaw line today look tighter than any person in their 60’s would. She is generally softer with plumper cheeks which are smoother with a waxy appearance due to a couple of restylane injectable fillers.

The plastic surgery planet has clearly been inhabited by more celebrities today whose procedures on a couple of accounts have gone wrong. Cher however admits to undergoing several procedures to enhance and gain a more youthful look without any restraints in her appearance.

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