Catherine Bell’s Plastic Surgery Hollywood Gossip

Catherine Bell plastic surgeryThe rise in plastic surgery among Hollywood actresses is very alarming as several women choose to go under the knife in order to change their appearance. Most actresses who have low self-esteem in their appearances choose plastic surgery to improve their beauty. One of the actresses who is rumored to have undergone cosmetic surgery is Catherine Bell. Catherine Bell is a renowned British-born American actress having featured in the popular American TV show JAG where she acted as Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Mackenzie. The show was closed in 2005 and she found a new job in the TV series Army Wives. Lately, Bell has really changed in her face appearance which made her fans to speculate that she may have undergone plastic surgery.

Catherine has not come out clearly to clear the rumors on whether she had a cosmetic surgery, but her fans are outrageous at her new looks. One can argue that most actresses go for surgeries to improve their appearances, but the same cannot be said for Bell. Catherine Bell plastic surgery can be termed a failed plastic surgery because according to her fans, the procedure has made her worse. The fans loved her in her natural look which was generally good and appealing as compared to her recent appearance which is awful.

Comparing the before and after pictures of the sexy actress, even a little child can see that there are significant changes to her face. The fans think that she probably had undergone a nose job, eyelid surgery and facelift. She has totally changed however much she may try to hide it. The signs are evident that she had a nose job done, though it seems a big fail on her part. She probably had an eyelid surgery to remove the bags beneath the eyes and fix them and looking at her now, you would realize that her eyes are now very fresh. This seems a good result from the plastic surgery. Also given she is almost 45 years now, one would expect to start seeing the normal wrinkles and face liners that comes with old age. However, Catherine Bell’s face is very tight pointing to the possibility of a facelift or botox injections. Though this may be seen as a successful procedure, many fans say her face is too stiff. However, she has remained younger and fresher than her real age.

Catherine Bell before and after Plastic Surgery

Perhaps the most disappointing procedure which didn’t go well with her fans is the nose job. It is clearly evident she did a nose job which can be termed as unnecessary. Looking at her nose after the suspected nose job, she has changed the shape of her nose. Catherine Bell’s nose now looks currently looks narrower, a bit toned and more pinched to the tip. Her nostrils as well are slimmer than before. If you ask any of her fans, they would tell she looked beautiful and pretty without the cosmetic surgery but now she looks weird and awful. Catherine Bell plastic surgery can be classified as an example of a failed plastic surgery, too bad for her.

Having both European and Persian backgrounds, Catherine was much beautiful in her natural looks than she is now. Most people feel she did not need the cosmetic surgeries for any reason as she looked better without them. On the opposite, Catherine feels she is in much better shape contradicting what her fans say. She has however not been clear on whether she had a plastic surgery or not.