Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Disaster

Axl Rose 3Celebrities are people who always have the spotlight on every aspect of their lives. This includes what they wear, where they live, their spouses and families, their wealth, change of careers and physical changes. The current trend of celebrities turning to plastic surgery and many other cosmetic procedures has grown and blown out of proportion. For some of them, the results have been superb and worth everyone’s envy. On the other hand, others have not been so lucky and the results were sort of disastrous for lack of a better word. There are those who live to regret their actions and wish they hadn’t undergone any sort of transformation. Read more

Did Sofia Vergara have plastic surgery?

Sofia Vergara plastic surgerySofia Margarita Vergara, known professionally as Sofia Vergara, is a 41 year old Colombian actress, model and TV personality. She was first known as a TV presenter in Latin countries, but has achieved more success by starring in several movies. Sofia’s biggest achievements come from her starring role in the TV series “Modern Family”, which has earned her several Golden Globe, Emmy and Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations, as well as the title of “Highest Paid TV Actor” in the US, for the past two years. Read more

The controversy surrounding Marie Osmond plastic surgery

Marie Osmond nose job plastic surgeryWhen it comes to music, Marie Osmond has curved a notable niche as one of the old time musicians with a solid successful background. Born Olive Marie Osmond in 1959, the singer has been on the frontline in releasing amazing country and pop songs. Apart from being a singer, Marie Osmond is also an actress and a screenwriter. Her success in the 1970s and 80s made her famous in the USA and the entire world. Her music career has also received its share of controversy after the singer underwent different plastic surgery procedures to change her looks. Read more

All about Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery

Wendy Williams plastic surgeryWendy Williams is one of the most renowned media personalities in USA. She is a good actress as well as an author whose life has received this share of controversy because of undergoing a series of plastic surgery. She is the host of popular TV talk show known as Wendy Williams show. Just like other popular American celebrities, Wendy William has been a friend of surgeons with the hope of transforming her body. Read more

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery:A Fact Or Just Another Rumor?

Rumer Willis 2008Celebrity plastic surgery has in the last decade been on the rise. Tabloids have not been left behind in letting fans know who the celebrity rumored to undergo a plastic surgery procedure. In reality, this makes plastic surgery a topic of gossip for many celebrity fans. In the recent past one amongst the many celebrities plastic surgery gossip subject is the Rumer Willis. She reportedly got her chin shaved down, got a boob job and got her top lip filled with collagen. Rumer is the first born daughter of superstar actor and actress Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Read more

How Truthful Are The Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery Accusations?

Preity Zinta plastic surgeryPreity Zinta is one of the most famous Indian actresses and arguably one of the most beautiful Indian actresses. During her illustrious film career so far she has starred in many Hindi movies that have turned out to be successful like The Hero: Love Story of a Spy and Kal Ho Naa Ho among other great Hindi movies. Just like other celebrities in Hollywood, there have emerged allegations of Plastic Surgery all over the internet and some magazines. Read more

Catherine Bell’s Plastic Surgery Hollywood Gossip

Catherine Bell plastic surgeryThe rise in plastic surgery among Hollywood actresses is very alarming as several women choose to go under the knife in order to change their appearance. Most actresses who have low self-esteem in their appearances choose plastic surgery to improve their beauty. One of the actresses who is rumored to have undergone cosmetic surgery is Catherine Bell. Catherine Bell is a renowned British-born American actress having featured in the popular American TV show JAG where she acted as Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Mackenzie. The show was closed in 2005 and she found a new job in the TV series Army Wives. Lately, Bell has really changed in her face appearance which made her fans to speculate that she may have undergone plastic surgery. Read more