Was Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery Successful?

Suzanne SomersSuzanne Somers is an American author, actress, business woman and singer. She is known for playing the roles of Carol Lambert on the Step by Step and Chrissy Snow on the Three’s Company television shows. She is also a bestselling author of a number of self help books. Of late, there have been many rumors about Suzanne Somers plastic surgery because the facial appearance of the 68 year old actress has changed. Read more

Susan Sarandon Admits To Plastic Surgery

Susan Sarandon

Susan Abigail Sarandon is a popular American actress born on the 4th of October, 1946 in Jackson Heights, New York, USA. The 68 year old is a mother of 3 children and has had a lot of fame and recognition in the film industry. She has won several awards and had more than a few nominations in her period in Hollywood. As a celebrity or somebody always in front of cameras, she has to ensure that she is appealing at all times. Hollywood is all about the best appearances win the fame and recognition. This forces a lot of celebrities to enhance their appearances so as not to be left behind. This article focuses on Susan Sarandon plastic surgery. Read more

Tina Knowles Before and After Photos Showing Presence of Plastic Sugery

Tina KnowlesTina Knowles known by her official name Celestine Ann Beyince was born on the 4th of January, 1954 in Louisiana, United States. The 60 year old lady is a mum to two children; Beyoncé Knowles and Solange Knowles. She is a business woman as well as a popular fashion designer. In 2011, she was divorced to Mathew Knowles the father of her children and is dating the actor Richard Lawson. Tina Knowles has performed several plastic surgeries to enhance her looks. This article tends to focus on Tina Knowles plastic surgery. Read more

Transformation of Snooki After Plastic Surgery

SnookiWith the popularity of plastic surgery among celebrities today, it is no surprise to hear that a celebrity has had plastic surgery. Snooki is a famous reality star that has never been known for having body issues. This is what is gathered from social media where she takes pictures of her without make up and shares them with the world. With such confidence, it is highly unlikely to think that she would go for plastic surgery to enhance her looks. However, rumors have it that the reality star has had plastic procedures done. Her dramatic weight loss is the one thing most people agree was as a result of plastic surgery. She is said to have lost about 50 pounds in just five months. Read more

Has Carole Radziwill Undergone Plastic Surgery To Enhance Her Looks?

Carole RadziwillAm sure you know of Carole Radziwill, the former news reporter at ABC news and a writer. Yes that one, the one that is having a blast, talking ears off in The Real housewives of New York City. It appears that she has changed tact from being a cry baby to a screaming woman but that is for another time. Apparently Carole Radziwill is royalty, having been related by marriage into the J. F. Kennedy family. Either way it seems her joining the show was just for the paycheck and the fame, as if she didn’t get that back in 1994. With her ever pronounced outspoken nature, one thing that is great in her is her striking toned up body; she looks great and almost her age. Read more

Do you know the Secret behind Cher’s Youthful Appearance?

Cher plastic surgery

Cher also known as Cherilyn Sarkisian is a renowned US singer, actor, director and producer born on 20th May 1946. Putting up her solo act, she has sold over 100 million record tracks worldwide with her 1999 “Believe” making her more popular. This pop goddess has also received quite a number of awards like in the Oscar’s, Grammy’s, Golden globe awards, film festival awards and the Emmy’s. The 1987 “moonstruck” film saw her winning the best actress in the academy awards. At 68 years today, Cher definitely looks younger and more attractive than her age. This can be attributed to the fact that she is also considered the hugest fan of plastic surgery. Read more

Facts About Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery

Lee Min Ho plastic surgeryLee Min Ho is one of the few Korean celebrities who have publicly admitted to having undergone plastic surgery procedure. Having come to the showbiz limelight due to his role in the TV series ‘Boys over Flowers‘, his, can be called a success story with most of his fans not complaining. This could be mostly attributed to the fact that the results after the surgery are quite satisfactory. Read more

Kim Kardashian before plastic surgery

Kim Kardashian plastic surgeryKim Kardashian is the second of the Kardashian sisters and is probably the one who has done the most cosmetic surgery. Before she underwent surgery, Kim had very strong attractive features, a round face, a fuller more rounded nose, a fluffy hairline and narrow lips. She was quite attractive and looked very beautiful even without making any changes. However, in recent years, there has been some drastic changes in the face and body of this reality show star. She seems to have a larger ass suggesting butt implants, liposuction on her legs, Botox injections, lip fillers, a rhinoplasty and cheek augmentation. Read more

Did Sofia Vergara have plastic surgery?

Sofia Vergara plastic surgerySofia Margarita Vergara, known professionally as Sofia Vergara, is a 41 year old Colombian actress, model and TV personality. She was first known as a TV presenter in Latin countries, but has achieved more success by starring in several movies. Sofia’s biggest achievements come from her starring role in the TV series “Modern Family”, which has earned her several Golden Globe, Emmy and Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations, as well as the title of “Highest Paid TV Actor” in the US, for the past two years. Read more

All about Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery

Wendy Williams plastic surgeryWendy Williams is one of the most renowned media personalities in USA. She is a good actress as well as an author whose life has received this share of controversy because of undergoing a series of plastic surgery. She is the host of popular TV talk show known as Wendy Williams show. Just like other popular American celebrities, Wendy William has been a friend of surgeons with the hope of transforming her body. Read more

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