Nikki Mudarris Plastic Surgery Rumors

Nikki Mudarris 2Plastic surgery is becoming the order of the day for many celebrities. This may be because there is a lot of pressure from fans, friends and the media. The world expects of celebrities to look perfect and they have accepted this theory since most of them turn to plastic surgery to enhance their beauty. Nikki Mudarris the famous reality star is one of the celebrities who are rumored to have had plastic surgery. Rumors are saying that she has had butt implants, breast augmentation and a nose job. However, the rumors about her butt implants are more popular compared to the other cosmetic procedures. Read more

Is Beyonce Plastic Surgery False Or True

Beyonce plastic surgeryNews of celebrities going under the knife to gain a new look is no longer new. The surgery business seems to be booming with new celebrities walking in and out of the operating room. There reasons are numerous and the results, well some end up great while some are not so great after all. The American singer, songwriter and actress, Beyonce Knowles happens to have dropped in at the surgeons’ too. The founding member of the singers’ group Destiny child seems to have had a nose job plastic surgery done on her. Like most celebrities, she has not said it out loud but a speculation has it that it’s true. Her reasons for doing rhinoplasty are not clear but like many celebrities, she might have done it for aesthetic purposes. Read more

Kim Kardashian before plastic surgery

Kim Kardashian plastic surgeryKim Kardashian is the second of the Kardashian sisters and is probably the one who has done the most cosmetic surgery. Before she underwent surgery, Kim had very strong attractive features, a round face, a fuller more rounded nose, a fluffy hairline and narrow lips. She was quite attractive and looked very beautiful even without making any changes. However, in recent years, there has been some drastic changes in the face and body of this reality show star. She seems to have a larger ass suggesting butt implants, liposuction on her legs, Botox injections, lip fillers, a rhinoplasty and cheek augmentation. Read more

Is Nicki Minaj made of plastic?

Nicki Minaj plastic surgery

Onika Tanya Maraj, known to the public by her stage name, Nicki Minaj, is a 31 years old rapper and singer, as well as songwriter, actress and TV personality. She has sold over 5 million copies of her various musical projects since her debut album was released, back in 2010, and has broken many records and received many awards since, both as a female artist and rapper. Minaj is known not only for her music and influence, but also for her outlandish looks, especially colorful and risqué outfits, makeup, plastic surgery and wigs, which have led her to become a fashion icon and a face for several big name brands’ campaigns, like Adidas, Pepsi and MAC Cosmetics. Read more

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

nicole kidman plastic surgeryNobody likes to grow older and have their once firm skin start to sag. This goes much more for stars who have to compete with younger actors or artists who are gunning for their positions in the lime lit. It is no wonder that they will do anything to keep the attention to themselves including undergoing a host of plastic surgeries to maintain their youthful look. This is the case for actress Nicole Kidman. Read more