Was Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery Successful?

Suzanne SomersSuzanne Somers is an American author, actress, business woman and singer. She is known for playing the roles of Carol Lambert on the Step by Step and Chrissy Snow on the Three’s Company television shows. She is also a bestselling author of a number of self help books. Of late, there have been many rumors about Suzanne Somers plastic surgery because the facial appearance of the 68 year old actress has changed. Read more

Jessica Lange Plastic Surgery: Did Or Didn’t She?

Jessica Lange

Jessica Phyllis Lange, known to the general public simply as Jessica Lange, is a 65 years old multitalented American actress. She has enjoyed a long and celebrated career in television, theater and film, which has earned her a large number of accolades, including two Oscars. She is currently one of the star of the hit TV show “American Horror Story”, as well as one of many celebrity UN Goodwill Ambassadors Read more

The Rumors Of Marg Helgenberger Plastic Surgeries

Marg Helgenberger 7Marg Helgenberger is best known for her roles in CSI and ER. This actress has gracefully aged, so it would seem. Like many of the Hollywood actresses, she has had plenty of speculations on whether or not she has gone under the knife. And like so many others, she has not said anything if she has or has not gotten anything done. This leaves everything up to speculation but, are Marg Helgenberger plastic surgery rumors true. Read more

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Disaster

Axl Rose 3Celebrities are people who always have the spotlight on every aspect of their lives. This includes what they wear, where they live, their spouses and families, their wealth, change of careers and physical changes. The current trend of celebrities turning to plastic surgery and many other cosmetic procedures has grown and blown out of proportion. For some of them, the results have been superb and worth everyone’s envy. On the other hand, others have not been so lucky and the results were sort of disastrous for lack of a better word. There are those who live to regret their actions and wish they hadn’t undergone any sort of transformation. Read more

Kim Basinger Aging Gracefully or Plastic Surgery?

Kim BasingerGood genes, this is one of the few things that have been attributed to Kim Basinger youthful graceful appearance, but then again doesn’t she look way too youthful? Looking at her photos, there could only be two reasons for her appearance, either she has stumbled on the fountain of youth that is enabling her to age in reverse or she has had some work done. Because we aren’t focusing on myths here, it’s quite obvious the big question that remains is if she has really undergone plastic surgery. Read more

Do you know the Secret behind Cher’s Youthful Appearance?

Cher plastic surgery

Cher also known as Cherilyn Sarkisian is a renowned US singer, actor, director and producer born on 20th May 1946. Putting up her solo act, she has sold over 100 million record tracks worldwide with her 1999 “Believe” making her more popular. This pop goddess has also received quite a number of awards like in the Oscar’s, Grammy’s, Golden globe awards, film festival awards and the Emmy’s. The 1987 “moonstruck” film saw her winning the best actress in the academy awards. At 68 years today, Cher definitely looks younger and more attractive than her age. This can be attributed to the fact that she is also considered the hugest fan of plastic surgery. Read more

Rumors Of Carrot Top Plastic Surgery

Carot Top plastic surgeryCarrot Top is an American actor and comedian who has featured in a number films and comedies. He has become famous because of his humor, comic nature and ability to act different roles. Better known as Scott Thompson, the actor has not been spared when it comes to celebrity rumors about plastic surgery. He is reported to have undergone a series of plastic surgery procedures to change his appearance. Read more

Which cosmetic procedures has Priscilla Presley had?

Priscilla Presley plastic surgeryPriscilla Ann Presley – maiden name Wagner – Is an American actress and entrepreneur. She is best known as Priscilla Presley, as she became most famous for being the wife of Elvis Presley for six years, with whom she had a daughter, Lisa-Marie. Presley is responsible for the success of Graceland as a tourist attraction and she is also famous for her role in the hit TV show Dallas. Priscilla is now 69 years old and is currently single for over a year. Read more

Examining the facts behind Adrienne Maloof plastic surgery

Adrienne Maloof plastic surgeryAdrienne Maloof is a recognized television personality. Apart from being a shoe designer she is also recognized as a philanthropist. She is one of the owners of Maloof companies. Her success in business has made a remarkable impact in her lifestyle and today she features in the list of renowned personalities who have gone through plastic surgery. Born on September 4th 1961, Adrienne is also a co-owner of Palms casino resort. Her love of plastic surgery became evident when she married Paul Nassif, a renowned plastic surgeon. She is highly regarded as one of the multi talented business women able to achieve high popularity in the industry worldwide. However, her celebrity life has not been separated from controversial issues such as plastic surgery and nose job. Read more

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

nicole kidman plastic surgeryNobody likes to grow older and have their once firm skin start to sag. This goes much more for stars who have to compete with younger actors or artists who are gunning for their positions in the lime lit. It is no wonder that they will do anything to keep the attention to themselves including undergoing a host of plastic surgeries to maintain their youthful look. This is the case for actress Nicole Kidman. Read more

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